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New details on the international version of the Moto M Lenovo

These days ago we have seen some pictures real on which is expected to become Lenovo bike M. A terminal that until now it was thought that he would for the time being only to China and that as we have now known could have an international version. This International Motorcycle m version have been known various details which we will review now and that may give us a fuller picture of this terminal, which will be one of the most compact of the new Motorola range controlled by Lenovo.

This week have been leaked several real images that showed us the front of the new Moto M of Lenovo, a terminal on your screen showing part of its interesting and reliable technical data. A sheet that could also reach the international market.

The international version of the Moto M Lenovo

The latest information suggest that the new Lenovo M bike will have an international version and it’s not only coming to China. Even already is assigned a classification to your model, ensuring that this new bike M of Lenovo in its international version would be known as (XT-1663) front (XT-1662) we saw this week in pictures. Another of the things that we have known is that Moto M of Lenovo has adopted internal name of “Kung-Fu” and so is known behind the scenes.

Lenovo Moto M en la TENAA

Now, although we think that both models are the same and it only differentiates them marketing region, he further nothing of reality. Because while the (XT-1662) offers us a screen 5.5 inches, the international version under the model (XT-1663) would have a much more compact, the 4.6-inch size with a Full HD resolution. In addition would have a processor MediaTek MT6750 at a speed of 1.9GHz next to the GPU mali-T860. The RAM memory in this international version of the Lenovo Moto M would be 3GB with 32 GB of internal storage.

Motorola Moto E 2015 blanco y negro

The rear camera would be 16 Megapixel, while before this would be 8 megapixel camera, as well as the model of greater inch. After learning this information seems that Lenovo will prefer to cover the segment of compact international, terminals a size that is much more accepted in other regions than in China, where the mobile less than five inches are not too welcome, except in very specific cases. It is expected an imminent presentation, at least for the Chinese M motorcycles.

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