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New details of the Exynos 8895, processor of the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be delayed this year as to the date to which we had used in the past years, at the end of the month of February in the MWC in Barcelona. But them events propiciados by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have provoked that the signature South Korean need more time to Polish their next great launch, and terminal more important of 2017. One of the highlights of your sheet will undoubtedly be Exynos 8895, Samsung Galaxy S8 processor, which we have known new details.

Very recently we have known new details also on two important aspects of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, both of your screen, which could be six inches, as the chance of getting a pen S as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

More details about the Samsung Galaxy S8 processor

As you know each year the ship logo of Samsung usually trust both processors Snapdragon as Exynos, something that will return to happen in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 and them processors Snapdragon 835, of which Samsung is direct developer, and the Exynos 8895, that is the evolution of the Galaxy 8890 of the Galaxy S7. The new details that have emerged in China give us more light on what will offer against the 835 Snapdragon processor Samsung Galaxy S8 .

Características del Galaxy S8

The Exynos will be with two variants, the 8895 M and 8895V, both made in the process of 10nm. The first of them will feature a Mali GPU G71 of 20 nuclei, while the second will reach 18 nuclei. The processor will be with four nuclei Exynos M2 to a speed of 2.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz and others four nuclei Cortex A53 to a speed of 1.7. Other novelties will be the UFS 2.1 memory that will increase the speed of the storage, a Cat.16 LTE modem and support for RAM LPDDR4.

Exynos 8895

Is expected that Samsung release during the next year a third variant of the processor, that will be with the modem Shannon 359 that will have compatibility with networks CDMA. Besides this processor, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S8 has a display of greater size, with two versions, one of them up to six inches. The memory RAM will be probably of 6 GB, while the camera of photos could be dual with sensors of 12 and 13 megapixels. As say Samsung is putting all the meat in the grill to convert to this Samsung Galaxy S8 in the best mobile of the market, and as not, in the terminal perfect that make forget the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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