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New details about the update to Android 7 in the Mix my Xiaomi

In this last stretch of 2017, we have seen how most manufacturers have released their update to the latest version of the operating system from Google, Android 7 Nougat. One of those who has already published this new version of the software of Mountain View has been Xiaomi, the have already launched the new update to Android 7 of the Mi5 Xiaomi. As well, one of the most outstanding terminals of the Chinese firm could soon get the new software. Are going to meet those new details about this update to Android 7 in the Xiaomi my Mix.

As said, makes ones days that Xiaomi had released the update to Android 7 in the Xiaomi Mi5, turning is thus in the first terminal of the signature in receive the new version of the software, seems that will be the Xiaomi my Mix which you follow them steps with Android 7.

The update to Android 7 in the Xiaomi my Mix, very close

He has been on forums MIUI where implementation has been known by a member of Android 7 in the Mix my Xiaomi update. The most interesting fact of this filtering, ensure comes from a source very close to the signature china, is that it will be the Mix my Xiaomi following phone brand to receive the new version of the operating system from Google. It is clear that this update should soon reach the phone without Xiaomi frames, but it had not been unreasonable that is both flanker center forward other terminals in the high range of the firm, as for example the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

Pantalla sin marcos del Xiaomi Mi Mix

According to this information, after a period of testing with an internal alpha stage, will the final version of this software integrated into MIUI 8. Remember that although MIUI 9 will be based on Android 7, it will not come at least until next summer. So at the moment updates to the new system will be integrating MIUI 8 as is the case with this Mix my Xiaomi.

Versión Android 7 Nougat

So what can get in conclusion of all this information is that the following terminal of Xiaomi in receive Android 7 Nougat will be the desired Xiaomi my Mix, that is coming to them buyers with dropper, if have in has that them sales flash deplete the stock in just some seconds. We will see in what order continue to receive Xiaomi update to Android 7terminals, since it is logical as those presented to the turn of last summer the following to receive it, after my Mix, such and as we know a few days ago, where almost be confirmed mobiles that would accompany this new software to the Mix my Xiaomi. Now at least we know that the next graceful will be the terminal without frames.

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