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New details about Google Pixel XL camera

Little by little going bringing us to the time highlight. Google will present its two new smartphones, models to not be called Nexus, but Pixel in little more than one month. One of these, the most notable and that it would be with the previously known as Nexus Marlin, once again in the news thanks to a leak. This echoes one of the main technical features of the camera.

Just one week left to uncover that the Nexus brand would disappear, as well as significant changes in the next Google smartphones software. On the other hand, no one expected that it would be a transition so sudden. And it is that the search engine will not already present more Nexus devices as such, not even the rumoured HTC Nexus Sailfish and HTC Nexus Marlin. Two models that will be predictably presented on 4 October and will do so under the name Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Now, after putting this new information in knowledge, there are further details about the hardware.

The technical details of the HTC Nexus Sailfish appears in GFXBench

More details about HTC

A old known in what to leaks on the brand HTC, the user behind the features of Twitter @LlabTooFeR, us offers new details about one of them next smartphones of Google. Given that the equipment will be manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturer, the cited source has resorted to its sources in the company to reveal one of the details of the Chamber in which we know as Google Pixel XL, previously HTC Nexus Marlin.

HTC Nexus (M1) = Marlin = Pixel XL will be featured with Sony IMX378 (12mp) main camera (8mp) IMX179 and front camera.

-LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFeR) September 2, 2016

Google Pixel XL camera features

The information, as it reflects one of their tweets, reveals the type of sensor that will include both the main camera and front-facing camera, in addition to its resolution. In the case of the rear, this will have 12 megapixels and will be signed by Sony. Specifically it’s Sony IMX378 sensor, a model that for now there is too much information, except that would be a revamped version of the built-in 10 HTC, Sony IMX377. A logical detail, we insist once again, given that HTC will be the firm responsible for shaping this Google Pixel XL. In regards to the front camera, supply points which will include an eight megapixel Sony IMX178 sensor.

They reveal the date of presentation of the Pixel and Pixel XL of Google smartphones

As we mentioned earlier, missing just one month to check through the official presentation of the new smartphones Google Pixel are as they dictated the leaks, including which lets us see part specifications of cameras.

The article new details about Google Pixel XL camera was published in MovilZona.

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