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New color to Honor 8 in Europe

Honor is the “brand” of Huawei, which offers terminals so powerful and attractive as those of the Chinese company but by a much tighter price. And of all its models, Honor 8 is without a doubt the most desired terminal, the flagship that offers us a powerful sheet at a really affordable price, and that Black Friday has undergone a few discounts that can be described as spectacular. Now from Honor have announced that the range of colors of the Honor 8 will receive a new variant in Europe.

As we said before the Honor 8 has State to throw that never during Black Friday, where the brand has pulled the House out the window with a few aggressive discounts. An Honor 8 which is now testing the beta of Android 7 Nougat with some of its users.

Is wide the range of colors of the Honor 8

As they have announced from his official Facebook profile, the palette of Honor 8 increase in Europe with the new pink, a color that is increasingly common and present in the higher ranges of phones. A pink resembling the Rose Gold the iPhone or many other models that already use it, and that has become not only a color for girls, and pray some slogans, they it is a very popular color regardless of the sex of your buyer.

colores Honor 8

Honor has announced that this color will soon come to Europe, so it is expected to perhaps be available before Christmas, and thus to become the perfect excuse to give away it. Along with the announcement of this new color, since Honor they have shared a picture of this pink color 8 Honor and truth, we must recognize that you it’s a color that feels very well to this terminal.

honor 8 camara y fronal azul

Honor 8 of pink will share a very solvent sheet with the rest of the colors of the range, offering us a 5.2 inch display with Full HD resolution, accompanied a Kirin 950 eight cores and 4 GB of RAM memoryprocessor. One of the attractions of this mobile is without doubt its camera, dual with two 12-megapixel sensors and professional controls what is undoubtedly one of the best in the market. You can get an idea of what offers us this Honor 8 in the various tests that we have made of it.

The article new color for the Honor 8 in Europe was published in MovilZona.

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