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Neken GT1: the companies modest also are capable of innovating?

When talking about Chinese companies, it is impossible to deny that in recent years, the technology from the Asian country have given a significant leap in terms of the quality and characteristics of all the tablets and smartphones that produce. The handful of brands from it that were able to make the leap to the rest of the world, were not so long ago, by modest, unable to compete against the larger devices. This strategy les turned out very useful since could settle is with force in the ranges of input and half. However, in a short time we have witnessed a boom in which we find many small companies who also want to settle with strength inside and outside its borders and who have found in the portals of sale online the perfect ally.

As I have mentioned on other occasions, the strategies employed by many of them is based on the incorporation of innovations we’ve seen in consumer electronics this year. However, the results can be well below the expectations of manufacturers if we bear in mind that in these cases, the amount of both technical and economic resources is crucial. Today I will talk about of Neken, an of these signatures practically unknown that has announced its new phablet, called GT1 and of which you have details as for example, the incorporation of cameras dual. Will it be sufficient to compete effectively?

cool 1 sensores


While already has been revealed photographs on this model, which a few hours ago was the seen of the Chinese authority in charge of regulating telecommunications, the truth is that aspects are unknown, as the material of their shells. However, if their dimensions, have been confirmed of 15 × 7, 7 cm approximately, and the fact that it will be available in various colors: pink, white and black gold.


On other occasions, I have mentioned that this field next to performance characteristics, serve as indicators to encompass a tablet or smartphone in a range if its price is still unknown. In the case of the GT1 would be facing a panel of 5.5 inch with a resolution Full HD of 1920 × 1080 pixels already seated in the part more low of the range average. On the other hand, before you said that you had a double lens system which in the case of the rear, would come to the 8 and 5 Mpx while the front, would be in another 5 according to GizChina. You think that these benefits is enough to place well to this phablet?

gs1 pantalla


Many companies, regardless of their place of origin, are not yet able to provide all powerful terminals while in some areas have specifications that make them attractive at first sight. He GT1 is one of those examples since its processor, of which is unknown the manufacturer but that would be logical that out MediaTek, reaches only peaks of 1.25 Ghz, a quantity that can be very adjusted if is intend to use them two cameras or play contained in format HD.

To compensate for this lack, would be available in two versions according to GizChina, an of 1 GB of RAM and another of 2 that also could be insufficient. These features, added to some capabilities of storage initial that would be of 8 and 16 GB respectively, also could be the shadows that hindering the implementation of the phablet of Neken in the future. Do you think that it is a phablet that will be directed to the input range of intentionally?

Operating system

Here we would find with an element very common between manufacturers Chinese, in particular, of them more modest. The interface chosen would be Yun YOU in your version 5.1, inspired in them latest versions of Android and whose points strong, are in the greater capacity of personalization as occurs with other platforms Made in Chinese. This can be a drawback to short term since an of them critical more extended between them users of electronic of consumption of the giant Asian, is the made of that them softwares are unstable. In terms of connectivity, WiFi networks and time, 3G. The battery could be another of its weaknesses, since it does not reach the 3,000 mAh capacity.

yunOS interfaz

Availability and price

Despite having received the approval of the TENA, the truth is that everything related to the GT1 are unknowns. Official release date is unknown , its cost and if it will finally come to Europe and once again, the time will be the determining factor to see if Chinese firms still have capacity for innovation or continue to suffer the legacy of a not-so-distant past.

In many cases, the incorporation of trends in many tablets and smartphones not is synonymous of success if not see improvements in others components of the devices. Do you think that the GT1 eventually will be an interesting choice within the range of input? Do you think that you can not hope to have a more welcome if we take into account the existence of a multitude of models that, for many, may seem more balanced? You have available more information on other phablets who also have welcomed the dual cameras so that you can say to yourselves.

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