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My Singing Monsters: Converts an island deserted in an Academy musical

When it comes to talk about games for tablets and smartphones, we frequently remind you how existing traditional boundaries between different genres, is van erased to make room for works that capture the interest of an audience that may already be on the verge of saturation and not only demand powerful terminals in order to enjoy the best titles , but also that these are original and above all, to give a greater capacity for action and freedom of movement to the public.

One of the major criticisms made by users in a significant number of works available in other catalogues such as iTunes and Google Play, is the fact that after a while, the monotony makes games boring and tedious, which ultimately leads to their removal. Keep interest is an essential for the success of a product key. Then I present My Singing Monsters, that aims to capture the attention from the first minute through features as that now you have.


We are in a Island in half of the nothing. Our mission will be it of build structures and make it habitable for their inhabitants have all your needs covered. However, not are speaking of humans as these settlers, but of monsters that will find in this environment a place paradise in which carry to out activities of leisure as sing and that in some cases, will be the goal of some of the characters.

my singing monsters escenario


He point strong of My Singing Monsters in this sense not comes by his management, but by the atmosphere, full of colors and with some textures and graphics in 3D very accomplished. To the same time, incorporates the possibility of choose between more than 100 characters that to pass the time, will be evolving and acquiring new skills. On the other hand, will have of a wide variety of buildings different to build and the option of exploring new territories. The music has a role protagonist not only to the be one of the objectives of the game, but by its accompaniment in them scenarios.


This game not has no cost initial, what le has served to get closer is to them 50 million of users. Despite having been well valued both by some blogs specialized in video games and by many users, also has been criticized by its shopping integrated, that can get to them 100 euros by element approximately, or errors in them updates more recent that eliminate progress of them split.

WP-Appbox: My Singing Monsters (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: My Singing Monsters (free+, App Store) →

Think that My Singing Monsters can get best results despite its long trajectory in the catalogs? Have available more information related on others titles similar as Tinker Island so you can say you same.

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