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Movistar Fusion with you and rates lives to half of price for six months

Movistar continues to offer excellent promotions to your customers, such as that we have known today, and offers nothing less than Movistar Fusion with you and rates live the attendant half price during a period of six months. Also the promotion of Movistar + Premium Extra also remains in place and is free of charge for two months. We are going to review all the details of these promotions that offers Movistar and that are simply irresistible.

Movistar Fusion with you is the convergent more economic that offers Movistar with television, will have now a discount of the 50% in the fee monthly, including the VAT during six months, for those new customers that is den of high in the company among the 25 of November and the 10 of January.

Movistar Fusion with you at half price

Of this form Movistar offers from tomorrow same to all their new customers this discount to enjoy of it offer integrated more economic of Television, and in the rates of contract mobile ‘ lives ‘. Of this form all them customers that is den of high in it convergent Movistar Fusion with you only will pay a fee of 25 euros to the month during the first six months of his contract. Along with the fiber these customers will enjoy of two lines moving, an of them of gift.


With this contract may enjoy of fiber of 50 Mbps, calls national unlimited to any operator from the fixed, also of Movistar +, that can enjoy from any device, including the Freeview, the channel #0 and more than 6,000 films. In addition as mentioned before will have two mobile lines, offering 200 minutes for national calls to fixed and mobile at 0 cents per minute. They will also have 2 GB per month of data to navigate on the Internet. If we hire 300Mbps fiber share is 31 euros, half of the 62 euros that are normally paid, during the first six months.

Half price in rates live

Also from tomorrow the rates lives 45, live 34 and lives 26 will be available to half of price during the six first months. This wants to say that if hired before the 10 of January these rates mobile can enjoy of live 45 with 5 GB, calls, SMS unlimited and Multisim for 22.50 euros to the month. Of lives 34 with 2.5 GB, calls and SMS unlimited by 17 euros to the month and of lives 26 with 1.5 GB, 200 minutes of calls free with the establishment of call included, SMS unlimited less the 10 first to 20 cents by 13 euros.

logo de movistar en las escaleras de la flagship

If we do with some of these plans in the period specified, may enjoy three months free of Núbico, a service of reading digital that normally costs 8,99 EUR to the month with the VAT included. Those new customers that choose an of these options also may enjoy of three months free of Núbico, the service of reading digital by susripcion, whose price usual is of 8,99 EUR to the month with the VAT included.

Two months free of content Premium Extra of Movistar Fusion +

Telephone offers fully free during two months, to all them customers that hire any modality of Movistar Fusion +, the package Premium Extra of Television that includes all them channels of football, Motor, selection of sports, film and Series, and all its features exclusive.

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