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Movistar + Fusion rises of price in February but will increase the GB mobile

The companions of ADSLZone us leave an of the first large exclusive… for the year that comes. According to reports from ADSL, fiber optic and technology portal Movistar Fusion + price rise in February. That Yes, this increase in the cost of the invoice not will be in Exchange for nothing since almost is triple the GB available for mobile.

Starting from the month of February them customers of Movistar + Fusion will have that pay 5 euros more in your invoice monthly in Exchange for enjoy of a more than evident improves in the services offered. A rise in the contract is something that users never like, but at least on this occasion the price increase does not only, if that is not accompanied by an increase in the GB available for mobiles associated with the package of Movistar.

Since last summer the national operator to carry out various changes by modifying the rising prices and improving the supply of television to all subscribers. In this occasion are the data mobile the main affected after Movistar + Fusion rise of price the year that comes.

Of this form today know that them customers of Fusion + will pay 5 euros more to the month starting from the second month of the year in Exchange for enjoy of 8 GB rather than the 3 GB current, almost tripling the amount of data available in these moments. current. This variation is applied to the lines Mobile’s customers that have 2 or 4 lines associated to Fusion.


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In addition to this increase of the GB mobile, accompanied by the rise in price of Movistar + Fusion, another novelty that has prepared the operator to start to welcome the new year is the new offer Movistar fusion+2 fiction, an offer that will sound to Movistar fusion+2 football clients, since instead of the national sport par excellence includes film and series.

You can know how is complete range of Movistar Fusion+2 thanks to the article where our colleagues from ADSLZone been responsible for gathering as the panorama of new convergent Movistar packages.

Offer full of Movistar Fusion+2

The article Movistar + Fusion rises of price in February but will increase the GB of the mobile is published in MovilZona.

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