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Moto Z Play vs Huawei Nova Plus: comparative

Lenovo and Huawei not only have presented to us which are probably tablets more interesting this IFA 2016 but also two super phablets moving in this complex land halfway between the mid-range and high-range, and if the MediaPad M3 and the Tab 3 Plus Yoga could be difficult to compare their sizes with these new Moto Z Play and Huawei Nova Plus do not have the slightest problem in that sense, in a way that we will submit to a duel in which we will review the technical specifications of each one to decide which of the is which has emerged winner of Berlin. What is your bet?


Quite a few differences between them, to begin with, in the design section, since the Bike Z Play comes with a glass casing and your fingerprint reader is located on the front, while in the rear it is striking the camera, and the Nova Plus wears the usual metal casing with the fingerprint under camera reader and leaves the clean front. Not be mentioned in this paragraph, logically, the modular nature of the phablet of Motorola.


The greater difference between both in the paragraph of dimensions is that found between the size of each one, being clear that the Nova Plus is more compact (15,64 x 7.64 cm front 15.18 x 7.57 cm). It is true that also carried some advantage in thickness (7 mm compared with 7.3 mm) and weight (165 grams to 160 grams), but on these points, the difference is much smaller.

moto z play


In regards to the display, what distinguishes them is basically the type of panel used, which in the Moto Z Play is Super AMOLED and the Nova Plus LCD, because in relation to size and resolution, its technical specifications are identical: both have a screen of 5.5 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080), which means a density of 401 PPIpixels.


Absolute tie in the performance section and this surprised us more than the screen, which is much more frequent among the phablets of middle-range: the two have opted for the same processor (Snapdragon 625 of eight cores) and 2.0 GHz maximum frequency and accompany it with 3 GB of RAM. Both arrive also with Android Marshmallow, of course.

Storage capacity

In the section on storage capacity can also tilt the balance of one or the other: as usual, the two already offer 32 GB of internal memory on your basic model and give us, in addition, the opportunity to extend it externally if us short runs through micro-SDcard.

huawei nova plus


Differences in the section on cameras, which thus becomes one of the factors to consider when choosing between one and another more arise again: in both cases we have a 16 MP sensor on the back, but while in the Moto Z Play highlights the size of the pixels (1.3 micrometers) in the Nova Plus optical image stabilizer makes it. Huawei enrolls a small victory, in any case, the front camera (5 MP facing 8 MP).


Only independent tests may reveal the real autonomy, and it seems either we can say at the moment nothing definite about the capacity of their respective batteries, since they have heard contradictory figures for Moto Z Play (moving between 3300 and 3510 mAh). What Yes we know is that it’s the Nova Plus is of 3340 mAh.


As regards the price, seems to be that leaves us a more attractive figure Nova Plus, substantially cheaper according to what you have told us in Berlin that the Moto Z Play: the phablet of Motorola will sell for 499 euros while Huawei’s you can get for 429 euros.

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