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Moto E3 reveals new details in the Wi-Fi certification

Lenovo is renewing the product range of Motorola, if first we saw the old Moto G become Moto G4 and be replaced by Moto Z now turn to X-Moto to the new Moto E finally called Moto E3. This new terminal of Lenovo is very close to be presented, since the Wifi certification is one of the steps leading to an imminent presentation, and Moto E3 has been hunted on this certification, which furthermore has shown a new variant.

This is the first time we see the denomination of Moto E3 in an official role, so far we had referred to the new terminal in this range as the Moto E from 2016, since even in the certification early in the month bluetooth appeared moment with its former name. Now in the Wifi certification not only we can see Bike E3, but also one of its variants, because the model that has gone through it is the Moto E3 Power, one of the versions that will have the new terminal for the range of input of Lenovo.

Moto E3 en la certificacion Wifi

This certification through Wifi reveals that release from the Moto E3 is really near, because among the step by this certification and the presentation of a new phone often spend weeks. And if we take into account that the old Motorola were normally in the month of July, as we may think in the month which comes at the end of this week we could have already at Moto E3 among us.

Bike E3, the same sheet to Lenovo Vibe C2?

A few days ago we told you that the phone that we’ve now known as Moto E3 would be a version in Lenovo Vibe C2 Europe. At the moment what we know about this new Member bike in the range of Lenovo is that it will offer a 5 inch display with HD resolution together with a processor MediaTek MT6735 of quad-core Cortex A53 to 1 GHz speed.

Motorola Moto e blanco y negro

The RAM would be 2 GB while the internal storage would reach the 16GB. The camera would be 8-megapixel and front would mount a 5 megapixel sensor. Autonomy depends on a battery of 2750mAh while the software will be Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. We will see what presents finally Lenovo, but it already seems clear that Moto E3 will be the newest member of the Chinese family name.

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