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Moto E3 of Lenovo will come to Spain next month for 139 euros

After a presentation of the more discreet during the month of July, Lenovo has today unveiled its plans for the new Moto E3 and other terminals of Lenovo in our country. And it is that September will be rife with releases of the firm in our country. The most prominent of all is Moto E3 that already has price, because Lenovo has announced the price that will come to our country. Between the other surprises of the signature Chinese is the Lenovo C2, the terminal that many thought that is would make in the Moto E3 in Europe.

Lenovo has unveiled by end the availability and price of the New Moto E3 that presented last month and which has been little known during this time.

Moto E3 for 139 euros

As expected and the price of Moto E3 United Kingdom we met last July in the new terminal of Lenovo will be quite content priced, according to input range where it will move. Even if you have not specified a specific date, Lenovo announced today that the Moto E3 will be available in Spain at the beginning of the month of September and will do so at a price of 139 euros.

Moto E3 negro

The Moto E3 mounted a display of 5 inches next to a processor of four nuclei. It has internal storage expandable via cards, an 8 megapixel camera back and 5 megapixel front 2800mAh battery. Account with LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM; sensors proximity, ambient light and accelerometer.

Other Lenovo models arriving in Spain

He Moto E3 not is the only mobile of Lenovo that will see get to Spain in them next weeks, because the signature has announced also that the Lenovo C2, known in other latitudes as Lenovo Vibe C2 will arrive to our country mid September to a price of 129 euros, while the variant Power with battery of 3500mAh will be worth 149 euros.

Lenovo C2

  • Lenovo Vibe C2 is already official would a foretaste of the Moto E of 2016?

But they will also arrive in the Spanish market the new Lenovo A Plus with 4.5 inch screen and dual SIM for 89 euros. Another of these terminals that will come will be the Lenovo B, with Android Marshmallow to a price of 99 euros. With this announcement Lenovo certifies its big bet by input range with an assault on all rule commanded by some of the terminals with best value / market price.

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