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Morphus X 300. Chinese firms also dare with tablets for gamers

In recent days we have witnessed the landing of the new Nintendo. The Japanese company, which has had to deal with some sales figures lower than expected the last terminals star, has announced Switch, a terminal which is situated halfway between the handheld and the tablet and intends to be a reference in both formats. Although through 2016, the trend of manufacturers has been directed toward the creation and marketing of convertible models, the fact is that you still a niche market by exploiting other focused supports for a public increasingly more heterogeneous and in which gamers can have an important weight in the medium term.

While not have the same impact media that others devices and with the disadvantage of that the offer of models within its category still is something limited, gradually, the catalogue of tablets for them players more demanding is extends. An example can be found in Morphus X 300, a platform manufactured in China and wants to prove that the technology of the Asian country are also able to offer products to collective concrete without leaving aside, at least in appearance, qualities and specifications that have nothing to envy of their rivals. Do it will be to the high expectations of those who spend their leisure time running the heavier games?

morphus x300 pantalla


The highlight in this field is the fact that allows the fol of two controls in their side frames which can slide along them to get an adaptation to the user as faithfully as possible. Available only in black, its approximate dimensions are 21 × 13 cm. Their weight varies depending on if we add controls or not. The tablet without any additive round 485 grams.


Here we found with a series of benefits that could place to the Morphus X 300 as an of them more complete within its category. Begin with a screen of 8 inch accompanied of a resolution HD of 1280 × 800 pixels and that in addition, is multi-touch. The highlight in this area, however, is the fact that permits, according to its creators, the visualization of contents in 3D without glasses through the system CellMatrix 3D. At the same time, is equipped with a camera of 8 Mpx in one of its side that can rotate is to 180 °.

morphus x300 lente


A tablet designed for players and so that they can use without problems titles that require a greater amount of resources, requires strong performance components. Morphus X 300 is equipped with a 8-core processor that reaches the 1.7 Ghz and at the same time, a GPU that can reach the 700 Mhz and is responsible for providing functions in 3D without difficulties. However, RAM of 2 GB, can be something set in specific cases. Finally, features of a capacity of storage initial of 32 GB that can expand is to them 128 through cards MicroSD.

System operating

One of them aspects more criticized of the tablet presented by Nintendo, is that not is clear if only may be compatible with them products launched by the company or will allow to the users access to Android. In the case of Mourphus X 300, the Green robot software is based. It is equipped with version 5.1.1 and that in this case, through Google Play, would allow the discharge of more than one million apps and games of all kinds as well as access to the portals of reproduction most used in the world. In matter of networks, offers support for networks WiFi and the possibility of connecting cables HDMI for use the device in formats more large. The autonomy also can be one of your points weak if have in has its benefits of image and that must be supported by a battery of 5,200 mAh.

morphus x300 panel

Availability and price

On sale for a few months, this tablet, coming from a brand called Aikun, is available via different portals of Internet sales. However, the most reliable in this regard is the company itself. In terms of its price, it is situated in the middle of other similar models from other firms and is approaching the 300 euros. A figure adjusted if we take into account that despite the strengths in some fields as for example, the ability to play content in 3D, also has some limitations that are seen through an operating system that already can be left something behind.

Terminals for players can be one of the ways of recovery of the sector while the number of models available to still be reduced. Do you think that creating more elaborate games currently would be the way for these terminals is implanted in a more forceful way? Do you think that it is possible to find other more balanced alternatives at the hands of other firms that already lead a tour any longer in this format? You have available more information on other tablets for gamers in the market for some time so that you can say to yourselves.

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