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More screenshots of 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Pro are real or its Chinese clone?

Few phones have been so many leaks as the 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Pro. It is very strange that it’s one of the phones provided more information and images before its release, although most of them do not have any credibility. Today is given a curious situation which further increases our skepticism about the new images coming from China’s handset, and is the existence of their respective Asian clones, which perfectly could be mistaken for the original.

Today we saw two new images of the iPhone 7 and its Pro version that will come with dual camera. The rumours from china a few days ago from the same facilities where the iPhone is manufactured claimed that the production of the new generation was already underway, and for this reason the filtration of new images of Apple’s phone would be increasingly more common, something that could have started with the images that we offer today, and that again shows the appearance of the two iPhone 7 that would be presented at the end of this summer.

iphone 7 pro color rosa

In them we can see both the standard model, with its camera regular, albeit with a larger size on the case of what we are accustomed. On the other hand Promodel, in pink gold shows live designs for dual camera we’ve both seen during these months in drawing and rendering. Once more the authenticity of the images is punctuated by china rogue, of which give good account below.

iphone 7 en produccion

Images of the iPhone 7 real or its first Chinese clone?

To view images that have been published today for the by a reputed leakster, everything must be said, came us to head the first great Chinese clone next phone of the of Cupertino, we have seen these days in the nets, and who keeps a similar spectacular with the prototypes and photos as that today they have seen live from the Apple terminal.

iphone 7 pro clon chino

There is more to see the image of this clone made in Taiwan to connect the dots and think that photos today offered as of the iPhone 7 well could be in fact of the new Chinese clone. It is the feeling that gives us, the proximity in time of both images leads us to believe that once again, the photos aren’t real, especially in the Pro. Although the closeness of the Apple logo on the camera disturbs us a little. You think you can be real photos or belong to its Chinese clone?

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More screenshots of iPhone 7 item and 7 Pro iPhone are real or its Chinese clone? It was published in MovilZona.

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