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More details of the Nokia P1 of range high with Android 7 Nougat

A few days ago we talked about the trajectory Blackberry, other manufacturer that dominated the market of mobile phones during the late 1990s and the turn of the century. Recently we knew that the Canadian ceased to manufacture hardware, to entrust this mission to other partners. Something that Nokia is also making for months with the range of mobile which will be landing on Google’s operating system, and that will be the relaunch of the largest maker of mobile phones that has existed. Now we know more details about the new Nokia P1.

Makes ones months, during the summer, met some images that is had attributed to the new Nokia P1, but that finally turned out to be a fake in all rule, that is had based in them images of them new mobile of Sharp.

New details about the tab technical of the Nokia P1

Now come new information directly from China, where is manufactured these new Nokia, that us detailed some of them key of the new tab technical of the Nokia P1, a terminal that as going to power check will belong to a range rather high. Seems that Nokia wants to assault the range high in the market while develops a terminal affordable, as the Nokia D1C.

On the specifications that come directly from China, ensures that this Nokia P1 will have two versions, a 5.2-inch and another 5.5 inches, both with 2 K or QHD resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. Another outstanding feature is IP68 certification, which become a water and dust resistant terminal Nokia P1. It is also expected that as in the case of the input range D1C, tell with Android 7.0 Nougat, under Nokia Launcher Z.

Nokia C1 portada

Apart from this information, other specifications are expected for this Nokia P1, such as a processor Snapdragon 821, along with a RAM enough view on other flagships, as it is 4 GB. This Nokia P1 would be the first flagship of the firm after its various sales to Microsoft and after Foxconn.

nokia c9

It now appears that by end Nokia is preparing real landing in Android on a large scale, with at least one mobile input and the other to the top of the range, so it would be us know the mid-range signature. In any case it is a return that is highly anticipated by the nostalgic Finnish brand.

The article details the P1 Nokia’s high-end Android 7 Nougat was published in MovilZona.

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