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More details of the dual camera which could release the Samsung Galaxy S8

One of the main rumors being taken around the future Samsung Galaxy S8 is without a doubt the possibility of that see a dual camera on its back. Not only is it speculation this possibility with several traits that we have known of the new processor that will equip, and that would be designed to accommodate a camera of this type, but that now a new patent, of fairly recent record, has revealed us some details that make us think that at last a mobile of Samsung will come with dual camera.

Samsung is one of the few manufacturers who has not opted this year for a mobile with camera dual, as most of its competitors have done. Until now have known many features that could get to the new Samsung Galaxy S8, an of them more important would be the possibility of increase your resolution.

Camera dual for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

That’s what point to many rumors, and also some information as the patent for the Korean firm that we have known today that us certain characteristics that could offer this new camera. The main conclusion that is removed from this patent is than clove of the Samsung Galaxy S8 could count with an improved zoom, or optical. And we tend to think that because the patent to which we refer is focused on improving this aspect of the camera.

camara dual del Samsung Galaxy S8

As you can see in the pictures that illustrate the patent, it places particular emphasis on the possibility of zooming by sliding the finger up, a gesture that so far allows us to modify the exposure of the scene. The inclusion of this new control on the interface of the camera could be final to think that Samsung Galaxy S8 released a dual camera at launch.

Samsung Galaxy S7 en la mano

As already have seen in the iPhone 7 Plus, the inclusion of a camera dual can give foot to offer a zoom optical, that improves greatly the results of the traditional zoom digital.

It wouldn’t make sense a patent based on a digital zoom controls, since it is something that is rather “trite” in the industry, and this leads us to think that the possibility to equip a camera with two lenses that will benefit this zoom is more possible than ever. In any case are many months ahead to meet the official features of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but often say that when the river sounds, it is that water takes, and in this case a dual camera down with great force.

The article more details of the camera dual that could brand new the Samsung Galaxy S8 is published at MovilZona.

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