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Moon Launcher transforms any mobile in one “suitable for children”

Is the fight that many parents have with their small, that are feel hopelessly attracted by your smartphone. While manufacturers as Samsung offers us his Kids Mode, can not so the taste of all that to all of them we bring you Moon Launcher, a launcher for Android that transforms all of a mobile and does suitable for children.

The good thing about Android is that we don’t have to be tied to an interface or to functions that gives us this or any other manufacturer. We have a good number of options at our disposal in form of launchers that will change the appearance and functions of our team.

And one of them more interesting that we have seen lately is Moon Launcher, that becomes instantly any mobile in one “suitable for children”. With this Android Launcher we can leave our mobile, especially preteens with security.

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A launcher to convert a smartphone in one suitable for children

After installing the launcher , we will create a user profile for each child that you can use your phone, including one administrator with the father. But the best thing is that we can limit the use of applications without blocking them. This is the main difference of Moon Launcher that will allow, for example, mark a series of contacts that themselves are authorized to use WhatsApp and block the rest that has in the device.

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On the other hand, is highlight the Player of YouTube included, one of those services more used by them more small. In addition, this application can limit access to certain lists, channels or video platform users who previously have been authorized by the account administrator. It is a job that we can save ourselves simply by installing YouTube Kids and blocking access to the YouTube app.

It is possible to customize the experience with the launcher with things as a predominant color of its elements to distinguish each user and also allows us to know the profile of use of each, for example, the time that has been used in every app.

Increasingly, parents need to be more aware that a mobile, similar to worry in a computer, is an open door to all the contents of the world and such tools enable you to control the access that have children in the House what should not, allowing you to enjoy the good thing in cyberspace – that also exists.

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