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Mode tablet on Windows 10: to what serves and how activate it

We imagine that most of you, if you are not familiar, at least if you’ve seen or handled once Windows 8. The interface with which was pulled was a mosaic of icons with the applications and a shortcut for go to the environment classic. This version of the OS Microsoft may have been easily the poorest in terms of usability. Windows 10 gives a turn important in the Organization but maintains a mode tablet that then analyze.

The fever that that moment revolved around them systems operating mobile and the delay of Microsoft at the time of react, more them bad decisions in a principle, fruit of the panic, gave place to an aberration called Windows 8. Is true that the version current generates dissent. To ones like and to others not. With its predecessor, by the contrary, almost all the world was in agreement in that was horrific. Focus the experience in a mosaic of icons with applications when the catalog of apps optimized for touch is so poor was the first mistake of many. The bad integration of those two environments, however, was perhaps what more damage was.

How to deal in touch with a SO complete

The difficulty of Windows in relation to iOS and Android is that the user is interacting with a system that should work both with mouse and keyboard with your fingers, and that creates a difficult to achieve balance. Microsoft has found a possible remedy in tablet mode. In fact, one of the virtues of the system for 2 in 1 formats is that you recognize if we are using keyboard or not, and automatically adapts the interface.

Pantalla de inicio modo tablet Windows 10

This adaptation is back partly to the environment Metro (or modern UI) with a bar of tasks to the different and, above all, icons in form of tiles (tile), some of them with preview, for programs, applications and games. Another of the benefits of this mode tablet is that opens all them services directly in screen complete, by what not must maximize or minimize and for change only must go to the multitasking.

Activating the mode tablet on Windows 10

If want Activate the mode tablet, even in a portable without screen touch, simply must go to the part lower, in the bar of tasks, and touch the sandwich that appears in it right at all. An of the options of the panel pop-up (up to the left, usually) not serves to connect with this mode. Now we can start to use it.

tablet mode on

An interface not only for tablets

Although it is true that the mouse is a tool too precise for the enormous icons that they show us in a tablet mode, however, under certain circumstances (think for example on a trip, with the car moving) or for certain types of users (children or elderly people, that it is better to give the chewing environment so that they are not lost) the tablet mode can be useful even if we use a pointer.

After this post indicative, tomorrow I will speak of a series of tricks to customize the interface.

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