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MIUI 9, Xiaomi allow delete pre-installed apps

For many users the bloatware is a real hassle. Have terminal applications that we won’t ever use that occupy space and which only add noise to the desktop or apps drawer seems something really unnecessary. Almost all manufacturers allow you to disable them or hide them, however, very few (i.e. not none) gives the option to delete the most basic. Xiaomi thinks stepping forward with MIUI 9 and open that option on their smartphones and tablets.

MIUI is precisely one of the heavier customization layers and more pre-installed applications the Androidscene series. Personally, this is one of the traits that prevents me to opt for this signature when thinking of buying any of their computers by very attractive resulting, but I also know that there are users who love her. In any case, everything points to that shortly, with MIUI 9, a Xiaomi owners may choose which apps are and what deleted.

Delete without root system applications: possible in MIUI 9

So Ma Ji, has confirmed that the Product manager of the Chinese company, who recently intervened in the Conference of Global Tech 2016, as it tells us GizmoChina. Previously, in a Xiaomi, it was necessary to root and install any Manager allowing to delete apps to be able to get rid of the bloatware, which could cause instabilities. With the new MIUI 9 we won’t have that problem.

Xiaomi vs Nexus marcas geek

As explained GizmoChina, if for example, we want to remove the application from notes of a Xiaomi and use Keep from Google, we will be able to replace one on the other and completely delete the first one. In this way, we will gain much customizability and freedom to choose only those services that provide us with something valuable.

Xiaomi apps reach other terminals in the future

Another important story that left us the Conference is that the Chinese company applications will be available for download (do not know if via Google Play or by other means) in smartphones and tablets Android non-Xiaomi. This strategy it have followed enough manufacturers, such as Samsung, HTC, or even projects of the style CyanogenMod, by not speak of Microsoft. In the end these decisions are for the good of the user that you can choose the basic tools that are to your liking, regardless of who is the manufacturer of your device.

Do you like MIUI? Do you think that it is a good decision by Xiaomi?

Article in MIUI 9, Xiaomi will allow to delete preinstalled apps was published in TabletZona.

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