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MIUI 8 comes to Android N introducing multitasking screen

The layer of the operating system that mark Xiaomi implements in all its smartphones was ahead to exit official Android N entering the final version of MIUI 8 elements such as split screen multi-tasking, which will form part of the coating finish which should not take more than a few weeks to arrive.
We have been talking about MIUI 8, the latest version of layer Android that mark Xiaomi pre-instala in all their smartphones and that both users, who find the Android goodness in it at the time as an element that distinguishes Xiaomi terminals from the rest of mobile phones that crowd the market like. And with MIUI 8 beta process, its creators take advantage to continue adding elements that a month ago we met as the system colors change according to the month in which we are or even depending on the season.

MIUI 8 novedades

Screen multi-tasking p

But what has most prominent has been the confirmation that the OS you will have a split screen multi-tasking between their functions, although it will not be with the premiere of the final version of MIUI 8, but it seems that we will have to wait for subsequent ROM updates. Thus, Xiaomi comes to Android, the new OS Android which will also implement this function in their official version and is now in the process of testing the beta of system. Other elements of MIUI8 are the option to pay using the fingerprint reader, using the service of Xiaomi or Alipay in the future.

How it works the concept of multi-display in Android



With innovations such as the Wallpaper Carrousel, a system that teaches an image screen lock every day in a way different than similar to what they already do other interfaces such as Huawei EMUI, or volume controls, the renewed search function, interface setting menu and function “Assistive Touch“, at the moment MIUI 8 still in its beta testing phase , by what is unknown the exact date of when the final version of the ROM, which is compatible with the Redmi families, my Note and Mi 2, 2S, 3, 4, 4 c, 4S, 5 and Max, will begin to be distributed to the hundreds of millions of users who have a mobile Xiaomi.


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