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MindNode, free as App of the week

Approaching the end of the summer and, according to this, after several weeks, leaving us download free premium games, Apple gives us now an application that is more in line with the start of the school year (although their applications go much beyond work and study): we present MindNode.

The first step in a project

Say that MindNode us is going to be of utility not only for study or work, because its function main is help us to clarify our ideas and organize us, and this is something that can apply is to all type of projects, not only to them of character professional.

mindnode ios

And be which is the task that we have in mind, always good to put our ideas on paper to begin to shape them before get us to work, and this is the process that MindNode aims to help us, leaving us to create these diagrams that they call “mental maps” which, of course, may be growing and transforming itself to do our own projects.

Use simple, but full of possibilities

Course, there are many applications that can help us to meet this objective, but what has made popular to MindNode (Besides its careful aesthetic) is a design that it makes extraordinarily intuitive and easy of use and that, however, puts to our scope a huge variety of functions to create them maps mental more complex and view them after it form more clear.

mindnode ipad

And, course, as is essential already in an application of this type, are going to have also of all them options that can need to do to others share of our work and share with them our maps mental, although deserves it penalty highlight his own service in the cloud MyMindNode.

Free for a limited time

Always is interesting have the occasion of make is with a app premium free, but in this case deserves especially the penalty take advantage the opportunity since the saving is substantial, because the price usual of MindNode is of nothing less that 10 euros. There are that say to your favor, that Yes, that unless us releases by full of them shopping in-app. In any case, remember that we will only have until next Thursday to be able to download it free of charge.

WP-Appbox: MindNode-Delightful Mind Mapping (free, App Store) →

And if seek any other type of application for your device iOS, not fail of consult our section of apps for iPad, where going presenting them more interesting.

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