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Miix 720 vs Miix 700: what has changed?

Continue with more news for start the year after the presentation of the Galaxy A7 (2016), now in the land of them tablets Windows and of the hand of Lenovo, that in it prior of the CES of them Vegas us has given already to know a new model of it range Miix that, unlike that it previous, arrives for renew it range in the area of level more high. In what has improved the Miix 720 regard to the previous Miix 700? What of them two deserves more it penalty, considering that even there will be that wait for the new tablet is can buy and us will cost more do it? Hope that this comparison with the specifications technical of both you help to decide it.


In the design section there are not too many changes and most of the fundamental features are maintained. Aesthetics is the same, for example, the tablet still in the back has a Surface support that rotates up to 150 degrees, allowing us to enjoy a great variety of angles. Unfortunately, there is no news as to the incorporation of a fingerprint reader. What more the difference is the coupling of the keyboard probably. Deserves the penalty mentioned also, although is an accessory optional, the new stylus Active Pen 2, with up to 4096 points of pressure.


Taking into account that the tablet seems identical in its design, does not surprise us too discover that apparently their dimensions are the same, with a size of 8.9 mm in thickness and weighing 780 grams , 29 x 21 cm. Once we acoplemos you the keyboard, we have a device of 14.5 cm and 1.1 kg.

lenovo miix-720


Although nor the size (12 inch) or the format of the screen (the already usual 3:2 of them tablets Windws, to half Road between the 16:10 and the 4:3), have changed nor, that have a novelty important in the paragraph of screen that is the substantial leap that has given his resolution, passing of 2160 by 1440 to nothing less that 2880 by 1920.


Also there are improvements substantial in the paragraph of performance, particularly for the top of range, that passes of be a Intel m7 to be a Intel i7 of seventh generation with card Intel HD 620, to which can accompany to 16 GB of memory RAM, the double of the maximum with which could buy it Miix 700.

Capacity of storage

Another jump important it gives it new Miix 720 in the maximum of capacity of storage with which is can get and that passes of being only of 256 GB to be now of 1 TB. With any of them, in all case, can, of course, extend the memory of form external through card micro-SD.

Miix 700 teclado


Lenovo has not given us even technical specifications specific to your camera, something that neither can surprise us, since it is hardly a section too important on a tablet and less on one of these features, but we can take almost for granted that at least have the same cameras 5 MP which we were both in the front and at the rear of the Miix 700.


The autonomy is always a question delicate in tablets as this and rare time them manufacturers us dan data concrete on the capacity of your battery of input, what US forces to work of time nothing rather than with their own estimates, that are of 8 hours for this new Miix 720, what it relegated concerning it Miix 700 they attributed to 10 hours.


Already used to the home of that this new Miix 720 arrives to attack the range more high of them tablets professional, and their specifications technical seem to be to the height of this objective, by what the price of split of 1000 dollars seems fall within it expected, especially thinking that includes the keyboard. The Miix 700 is can find, by his part, by around 900 euros also with keyboard, although those prices vary here already more depending on the Distributor, logically.

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