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Miix 520: Lenovo will attack the market by all the flanks

Lenovo is one of the strongest of the moment, both in the segment of tablets and laptops and smartphones (thank you these last to Motorola, largely). The Chinese company has not only shown muscle in the Berlin IFA past with different equipment convertible, but that such deployment is only a small sample of what we have to see. In the last hours is has filtered also the existence of a Miix 520 with the following features.

To someone in Lenovo not seems to suffice you with the Yoga Book and 910 or with the Miix 510. Just a few days ago not learned that there is a 720 Miix underway and now it seems to a 520, which certainly may saturate the market and slightly confuse the potential buyer. Are going to treat of put a little of light on this future terminal of the is has begun to talk even without date clear, to see how would fit in the broad catalogue of the brand.

Lenovo Miix 520: leaked specifications

The device appears with a slightly larger screen than its predecessor, of 12.3 inches (compared to 12.2). The processors would be them same that showed the 510, all the range i of the series El Lake, from the Core i3-6006U to the i7-7500U. The RAM would have a range of options (conditioned by the processor model) ranging from 4GB to 16GB, as well as the storage space, of the 128 GB to 1 TB.

Lenovo Miix 520 filtracion

All this is remataría with a system native of audio Dolby, three port USB (one of them 3.0), a USB type C. Also is alleges that Lenovo is devoting effort to decrease the temperature of the team in operation to not have that Mount fans of cooling and improve the design of the Miix 520. This team will be built in an alloy of magnesium and aluminium.

Where is this tablet in the portfolio of Lenovo

The Lenovo Miix 520 could be as a variant of the future 720, but with a screen of lower resolution and perhaps a design something different. However, saving those differences, it can treat of a team very similar, of a same line of product. Some manufacturers in fact could have appointed to those two models equal and present an and another as different variants of the same team.

With respect to the 510 Miix difference will be noticed in the design, less oriented to active cooling, as we noted before, and in the RAM memory, at least in the more and the less powerful models. The used range of processors , on the other hand seems to be the same.


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