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Microsoft reveals a small part of its Surface Book 2 on Instagram

Once Microsoft seems to have given lost the battle in the field of smartphones (that does not mean that you do not prepare for the following), large-format devices segment is one that is finding greatest satisfactions, especially after the fourth generation of the Tablet Surface and the Surface Book (a concept closer to the ultrabook) whose upcoming deliveries begin to be seen.

Still is much say, since a device of nature more light as is the iPad Pro 12.9 still sells more units that it Surface Pro 4, but Microsoft is to the stands within the great format, and the growing amount of equipment inspired in their tablets us makes think that the trend is very good. It interesting for them of Redmond is precisely that: not aspire to sell large quantities of their models in the background, but do that its system operating have more and more users, before it threatens of Android / Chrome you and iOS / I X.

Surface Book 2 and your first photo

It is not 100% sure, but according to what you explain WindowsCentralexperts, we would say that there is a 95% probability that the photo that Microsoft has uploaded to his account of Instagram conforms with Surface Book 2. Many users of the social network already pointed in the comments, but it is also the image House enough with expectations.

Nueva Suface book teclado negro

This portal specialized in the firm of Redmond says the black color of the magnesium is classic in test units which designed Microsoft for its engineers, although still is you can not advance if it will be a new tone added to the palette of the device. As we see Surface Book 2 would change significantly their aesthetic in relation to its predecessor.

Surface Book 2 vs modelo original

The Surface Book 2 will present significant improvements in its design

A strong bet to create school

Many manufacturers to sell many units of a specific model and not always do so. They know that the real appeal can reside on a computer that then in the media we are going to talk long and hard, while units that actually take revenue match basic and accessible models. As well as, the Surface Book 2 or the Pro 5, can mean a tremendous push for companies as Chuwi, Teclast, Cube, wave, etc.

The “Surface revolution” will arrive in 2017

The launch of this new ornate remains an issue with many questions for now. He has been spoken of October but also January 2017, moment in which Redstone 2 will begin its deployment.

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