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Microsoft Clip Layer, a powerful clipboard for Android

Already it said with previously. Microsoft has seen a reef in the mass of users with Android devices and long time periodically releases applications for that platform. The latest to arrive is called Clip Layer and in essence is a Clipboard with the copy text. However, the functionality of the app is much more powerful than that and goes beyond. Its great asset is that it allows to copy text from any other app that is displayed on the screen.

Android already available by default on a Clipboard. Even the own Now on Tap available from Android 6.0 Marshmallow more optimally integrates the ability to copy texts. However, there are situations in which the user tries to copy the text that appears in the interface of any other installed app and is impossible. Here is where it enters scene Clip Layer.

Clip Layer, an all-terrain clipboard

As we can read in the blog of Microsoft, the company launches a new application for Android that joins the cast already available in Google Play, such as Arrow Launcher, Word, Excel, OneDrive or most recently, the solitaire card game. On this occasion we refer to Clip Layer, a project that arises from the idea initially developed around Hub Keyboard.Portapepeles para Android Clip Layer

As we have already made progress, great Clip Layer utility lies in its ability to copy any text appearing on the screen of an Android device. While it may seem like a no-brainer, not so much if we focus on those moments in which the operating system prevents perform popular copy-paste through the interface of some applications.

Very useful when other Clipboard does not allow you to select

In those moments where it is not possible to select text using a long press on it, Clip Layer allows us to select it without problems. Not only that, the app from Microsoft facilitates copy the desired text, but also to share it through other means such as email, social networks or instant messaging applications from the paste of the program options. Without a doubt, a tool the most practical in cases in which the own Clipboard included by default in Android does not allow us to select the desired information.

Don’t forget that you can access all the applications created by Redmond for Android via the Microsoft Apps.

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