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Microsoft can revolutionize the reality Virtual with HoloLens?

Virtual reality is becoming a source of constant information. A few days ago we told you about alloy, Intel bet in this field and that, together with other initiatives such as Project Tango, they intend to offer a totally new experience to millions of users by further facilitating the interaction of these with your devices and showing real and imaginary scenarios with a quality that until recently little, only there was within the reach of science fiction. This technology, added another as the Internet of things, are willing to consolidate in the short term. Both the manufacturers and software developers, don’t want to lose positions in a career that is anticipated breakneck.

In the past years, Microsoft has last by a road full of ups and downs. On the one hand, the success of his series Surface, has contrasted with a warm cold most of its smartphones, which ended by dispense with. On the other hand, in terms of Windows, also we have lights and shadows, since, while version 10 is correcting mistakes of the past, its presence in the market is still limited. Virtual reality is still the refuge chosen by many technology to maintain its position in the market. In the case of those of Redmond, this presence comes through HoloLens. Then you have what, how, and what may be their applications in the future at the next terminal that marketed the company.

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What are?

Currently, initiatives in this field that we can find, aimed to provide an immersive experience based on interaction in environments generated artificially or also, with a greater capacity for modification of what does exist as with Project Tango. However, with HoloLens, Microsoft seeks to use these elements as basis for the creation of holograms, of there the name of these glasses. Among its strengths, and as was the case with Alloy, does not require connection with other media or the introduction of other platforms in own lenses.

How work?

The secret of HoloLens is called HPU, or unit of processing holographic. It is of a chip that contains 24 cores. Each of them is capable of performing the operations separately, so that tasks are divided among all. At the same time, increases the speed with which is running them processes, reaching the trillion by second. A figure very high if have in has that in the majority of platforms that found to day of today between computers, tablets and smartphones, those processors contain as maximum 8 or 10 nuclei.

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How it generates the image? The lenses contain a series of distributed sensors . Each one of them, collects the information and it sends to the processor, where is fragmenta and the sum to them own movements made by the users. The results generated, provide a quality HD accompanied, according to its developers, of a consumption of energy minimum. On the other hand, they are equipped with microphones that you can dictate orders to lenses.

For everyone?

The professional sector and other fields such as education, being the main objectives of Microsoft when it comes to positioning terminals like the Surface. This does not mean that domestic audiences are in the background. In the case of HoloLens, from Redmond ensure that sectors as it architecture, the trade and the design, can be some of that more advantage take out with the inclusion of these lenses. Equipped standard with 10 Windows, also they are aimed at developers of software and applications, as is the case with Alloy.

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The limitations

While we are now witnessing the results of years of work by the firms in this field, the truth is that Virtual reality is still in its infancy. As we have mentioned on other occasions, a small number of applications and the lack of compatibility with terminals that they outweigh the year of life, are some of the weaknesses of this technology. In the case of HoloLens, we have one more: its price, which is $ 3,000. On the other hand, its area of distribution is also one of the obstacles that must be overcome from Microsoft, since, while at first sight, these glasses can be purchased by any public profile, they are only available in United States and Canada.

With the passage of time, all manufacturers are adding to the augmented reality with the creation of devices such as HoloLens which, however, are only a foretaste of what is to come in the future. After learning more about the commitment of Microsoft in this field, do you think that it is now possible to enjoy more affordable initiatives that, despite not offering an experience as sharp as the Redmond, can largely satisfy the needs of the public? You think that although in its infancy, it is somewhat prohibitive, HoloLens will be able to transform the field of Virtual reality? You have available more information as for example, what is Alloy Project so that you can say to yourselves.

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