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Messenger allows you to add contacts even if they are not friends on Facebook

Makes only some days you have that Facebook was testing alternative to the reproduction automatic of videos with sound to make these more attractive to them users. The social network is introducing improvements and testing them to implement them in the future, the last one affects Messenger and will allow us to add new contacts, even if they are not our friends previously in the social network, something that no doubt will open the application to other people who are not familiar with Facebook.

Facebook is testing a new button to add contacts in Messenger that will not be so strict with the provenance of these as it was until now. The freedom to add new contacts will be total not being necessary that form part of the network social previously.

Add contacts even if you may not know them on Facebook

The test that is performing the app of messaging is focused in open the application to few more users better. From makes time Messenger is an element key for the business, and is something that is note in initiatives like this, that are being object of tests today. As already have experienced some users of the beta of Messenger, to the add contacts is appearing a new message that us warning of an interesting novelty. As you can see in the picture, when you add the contact on the button explicitly a message that tells us that even if we add the contact in Messenger this not become our friend on Facebook, and vice versa.

Facebook Messenger

Of this form can add these contacts although not are our friends before add them or have the obligation of form part of the network social after adding them. Of this form Facebook get get to many more users, that not necessarily have why belonging to the network social and simplifies their use for many people that not are familiar with its use.

facebook messenger inicio

Is only the last of them multiple changes that is testing, the last that met has that see with the playback of videos automatic in the application mobile of , that will allow choose to them users a new via to reproduce the sound low demand. At the moment this new Messenger function is only available in the beta and not take even a time to get to the final version, and has all the aspects that will be an option that will introduce Facebook Messenger Yes or Yes.

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