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Meizu works in its first tablet, to present at the beginning of 2017

Meizu, one of the Chinese brand of smartphones of more popular in Spain import, only perhaps behind Xiaomi, works on his first tablet, a device whose alleged images has come to light in the last hours, and which shows a screen with 7.9 inch 4:3 format, style that popularized the mini iPad and also be replicated in my Pad. By now, we know little of the terminal, except that it will land in the market to along for the first quarter of 2017.

Despite the unequal attention that the Xiaomi my Pad 2 has received with respect to other products of the firm in question of updates, this Chinese company directed by Lei Jun and Hugo Barra tablet has been a sales hit and is still shown today as an really interesting shopping option, given that the market for tablets It has failed to give nothing better light for a comparable price. Another of the firms in the populous Asian country with impressive community of Spanish users, Meizu, prepares the replica in a tablet also 7.9 inches.

A new render are sure Meizu plans?

Meizu had been making you nod to the tablets segment long ago and after a series of images of the company pointed in that direction, in the last hours several media have echoed from a render with what would be the design end of the device. The truth is that even though we see that it is taken for legitimate, to our eyes it seems a tad home. You yourselves can still judge him:

meizu tablet render flyme

What us transmits more confidence are the pair of slides leaked days before, as this of down or which appears in the header of the article.

flyme dispositivos

Basically, what is makes is advance the arrival of Flyme in format tablet, in a device’s properties aesthetic similar to them of the my Pad 2 or the iPad mini of Apple.

What features will the tablet of Meizu have

For now, it is basically a pool, and although as Tablet News portals are launched with their forecasts, more detailed (including 4 GB of RAM, camera 13 megapixel or 6,000 mAh battery), we only dare to bet on a resolution 2048 x 1536 and processor MediaTek, keeping serious doubts over other considerations.

For now, that is all I can say, in addition that the tablet by Meizu announcement is expected soon, perhaps to principles of 2017, in coming to CES dates, have anything new to offer.


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