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Meizu MX6 vs Galaxy J7 (2016): comparative

With the MX6 have given more prominence to comparisons with other Chinese media range phablets and others (Moto G4 Plus) with a price ratio of similar to these, but today want to terminate, put face to face with one of the phablets of its most interesting price range that have seen the light in recent times by the hand of the conventional manufacturers : the Galaxy J7 (2016). You can deserve the penalty give you an opportunity to the phablet of Meizu or, to the reverse, may be best idea bet by values safe and choose the of Samsung? You help decide it with this overview of the technical specifications of both.


The phablet of Samsung comes with all the signs of identity of their smartphones, with soft lines and home button physical, as well as the good finishes that characterize them, but of Meizu has in its favour having some of the extras, typical of the high range, which is now almost on the standard range of low-cost Chinese , as it is the metal housing and the fingerprint reader.


By what comes to them dimensions, us found with figures of thickness quite similar (7.25 mm front 7.8 mm) and more still for the size (15.36 x 7,52 cm facing 15,17 x 7.6 cm). Only in regards to weight, we have a difference of some importance, to please curiously device with metal housing (155 grams against 170 grams).

mx6 colores


One of the main advantages in favour of the phablet of Meizu (and others of the Chinese middle range) is offering us already Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, while the Samsung is even HD (1280 x 720). Having has that those two have the same size (5.5 inch), this is an advantage remarkable in density of pixels for the MX6 (401 PPI facing 216 PPI).


In the performance section, we have certain doubts about the processor, depending on factors that give them more importance (the MX6 is Mediatek, but more powerful, with 10 ten cores and a maximum frequency of 1.6 GHzand 2.3 GHz while the new Galaxy J7 is Qualcomm, but mid-range, with eight cores) , but the phablet of Meizu comes out clearly winning in memory RAM (4 GB front 2 GB).

Capacity of storage

The battle is still ranked in the storage section, each with their own pros and cons: If we want the maximum internal memory, the MX6 is clearer (32 GB versus 16 GB), but for us it is important to have micro-SDcard slot, should keep in mind that you only have it new Galaxy J7.

Samsung Galaxy J7


The basic figures are very similar here, both for the main camera (12 MP against 13 MP) as for the front (5 MP), although it is not clear that, at least for the rear camera, this equality is very significant, because the MX6 arrives with larger pixels, a strategy that the own Samsung has already used its best smartphones with fantastic results.


Although the last word it will have them tests of use real, of entry seems clear that the new Galaxy J7 should splitting of advantage, since its battery has greater capacity (3060 mAh facing 3300 mAh) and, also, to the have your screen a resolution more low, is of wait that also its consumption is less.


He price is a factor that makes this comparative especially interesting, since is identical and, therefore, us allows focus us only in the virtues of the hardware of each one: the Galaxy J7 (2016) is launched in Spain by 270 euros and by that same price has announced Meizu that is sell your MX6.

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