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Meizu E will come with 8890 Exynos processor Samsung Galaxy S7

Is known by all the bad Meizu relationship with Qualcomm, legal disputes have led to the Chinese manufacturer to dispense with the Snapdragon processor and to focus its production of phones with MediaTek and Samsung Exynosprocessors. A good example of the latter was the powerful Meizu Pro 5, which came to the market with the Samsung Galaxy S6 processor, now the Chinese firm would do the same with a new series that would mount the 8890 Exynos of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and that would be very close to your presentation.

From Meizu Pro 6 came to the Chinese market last spring processor helium more powerful at the time, many we miss the integration of a more powerful processor, at the height of the flagships of 2016, and of course at the height of its predecessor, the Meizu Pro 5, something that looks like will happen within very short.

Meizu E invitaciones

The new Meizu E series processor Exynos 8890

Meizu has begun to send invitations to an event next August 10, where he will present his new series E, as pray these invitations. The existing official information about this new series is low, but there is persistent rumours which suggest that this will be the new vessel the signature logo and that it be mounted a first processor. All indications are that Meizu is stuck in full in a restructuring of its range, and this would imply not only that the Meizu Pro 6 will not be your top, something that was expected almost from the time of its introduction, but that the new Meizu E series will be completely different to what we have known brand so far.

Meizu E con procesador Exynos 8890

It will mark a new step in this range which will be able to compete with the Xiaomi Mi5 or Zuk Z2, both processor Snapdragon 820, and also to match in performance with the Samsung Galaxy S7 in two versions. In fact, your processor will be the same as that of the flagship of Samsung, which has already shown that it has nothing to envy to the Snapdragon 820 and that among other things get even better results in the test multi core. So in this way the new Meizu E series will be responsible for solve the question of knowing what the true flagship of the Chinese this year, assuming from your presentation that Meizu Pro 6 had not been chosen for difficult enterprise.

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