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Meet Vision, a tablet for gamers with seal British

Gamers are becoming a niche market each time more attractive for manufacturers of tablets. In a first time, those efforts were directed towards collective of users that sought terminals perfect for the environment labor, more interactive, that gradually were moving to them stands traditional, older and with some problems in matter of portability that could be an impediment considerable for these public. However, along the 2016 have seen a boom of new releases to them that leaves a time more than manifest that the future of the sector passes by the diversification. Those players could be now the new focus of attention as have seen with models as those presented by Nvidia or Razer.

In the race to get the interest of consumers in the new formats as tablets for gamers, big companies still not are focusing too many efforts, which could be an opportunity for others such as LINX, more unknown, may split with some advantage. Today we show you the bet of the company to conquer the lovers of video games, Vision, a device with British label that uses as one of its collaboration with Microsoft and its logo in the industry of the consoles: XBox.

Xbox Windows 10


It more striking of this device is the made of that in their side has with two grabbing vertical in which is located the different controls as if is were of a remote control conventional. The tablet, whose approximate dimensions are 21 × 13 cm on the other hand has a more robust removable housing that is which incorporates the joysticks. Both components are made of an alloy of aluminium and polycarbonate in order to Stylize and lighten, but at the same time, offer more resistance to Vision.


Here not would be great fanfare since would be facing a terminal of size medium, 8 inch, accompanied of a resolution HD basic of 1280 × 800 pixels. This could be a drawback for players that are more demanding in regards to sharpness and image quality. In a try to by approach is also to another type of public and also, to improve the experience of game in titles with Streaming, has of a camera back and a front that in both cases, reach them 2 Mpx, what also can assume a setback for which seek greater qualities in this aspect.

vision pantalla


Tablets for players, as well as the focused on professional public, require fast processors so that in this case, they are able to run more elaborate games without major problems. In the case of Vision would be faced with a component manufactured by Intel of the series X 5, that would reach maximum of 1,84 Ghz, acceptable if have in has that is is of a device of less than 200 euros. In terms of memory, it is equipped with a RAM of 2 GB with a storage capacity of 32, expandable up to 128 by the incorporation of Micro SD card.

Operating system

At the beginning I had the tablet of LINX, counted with the support of Microsoft. This not only results in controls, identical to the XBox, but also to the incorporation of 10 Windows that add some voice of Cortanacommands. On the synchronization, can link is the device to a has of the console created by them of Redmond and receive in the terminal the latest news, updates and demos of them titles more recent. There is also the option of creating accounts in Stream, optimized for the latest version of the software. In terms of connectivity emphasizes its support for WiFi networks. It has a battery of 6,000 mAh.

windows 10

Availability and price

This device already has some experience in the market. Presented a little less than a year ago, this tablet went on sale shortly after the bet of Nvidia in the same format. While currently, offer models for players is somewhat reduced, the presence of Vision in the market, in which landed approximately in December 2015, could be one of its major inconveniences since as time passes, the sales channels through which it can purchase are reduced. As I mentioned at the beginning, it has been manufactured by a British company so its cost, about 150 pounds , could suffer variations currency exchange, by both the usual differences between different Internet portals.

While they come from companies that, at least in our country, are still not too known, little by little we found an increase in the number of tablets for players who nonetheless is still low when compared with the existing ones in the traditional format or professional groups. Do you think that Vision can still be an alternative interesting for gamers to already take a time to sell? Do you think that this same “longevity” can be a drawback that place it at a disadvantage against the benchmarks of the industry? You have available more information about other similar models, so you can get to know other options at your fingertips.

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