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Meet TrackID, an app that aims to deal with Shazam

When I have spoken of musical applications, we have highlighted those platforms that are based on the creation and editing of tracks that in some cases, provide almost professional results that have nothing to envy to the more elaborate programmes for larger stands as computers. Play our songs and favorite bands has become one of the most widespread uses in tablets and smartphones and this gives rise to the creation of all kinds of tools that aim to go further and identify all kinds of genres and authors.

One of the most significant changes that we have found in this use of portable stands for leisure passes through the existence of apps that recognize any melody in a matter of seconds and allows us to find it and buy it later. Shazam is the example more known by all, however, there are others as TrackID that aim to rival with the and of which then I have more. Will be ready to convert it in an alternative?


TrackID is an app that recognizes songs. Placing the terminal opposite the speaker or device in which sounds, does not only data about the same as its author or its duration, but it also offers a series of contents such as biographies of artists who have composed it or letters. On the other hand, it links directly to the video clips.


One of the attractions which use the developers of this platform to position it as one of the most elaborate in its scope, is on the one hand, its management, which relies on Navigation through three tabs in which we can find the songs, the trends of the moment or live performances, and record on the other, the possibility to synchronize tracks with other platforms like Spotify which allows the creation of playlists for listen later.

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TrackID doesn’t have no initial cost, as it is usually common to all such applications. Updated at the beginning of November, already has gotten head is towards them 50 million of users. While in General has been well received, it has also received plenty of criticism by appearances as a slow operation in some terminals or errors when trying to recognize some songs that can cause unexpected closures.

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Do you think that Shazam will have the leadership and that despite the appearance of apps such as TrackID, will continue to a considerable distance from them? You have available more information on other music applications like Flipps so you can get to know more options at your disposal.

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