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Meet GoodCraft 2, the game that aims to overcome to Minecraft

As you have reminded in other occasions, a title that has got a good trajectory both in tablets and smartphones as in stands of greater size, can be the source of inspiration for others developers more modest that intend to resguradarse low the umbrella that the prestige and the host between million of users that characterized to these first games. However, this move can have its risks since the border between original creations and works that are merely copies, roughly, sometimes is diffuse.

In a context in which we find a wider range of games for portable stands, once again, the search for new formulas for success that can keep the essence of the titles that have been inspired while offering something really novel, can be difficult. However, we find cases of GoodCraft 2, which then we give more details and that it could remind us much to Minecraft.


Broadly speaking, this game is very similar to Minecraft. We are in a pixelated world in which we have the ability to create different environments simply by using blocks. However, this scenario created at whim, go appearing enemies of all types to which they will have to defeat a series of weapons which we acquire as we go through this imaginary planet.

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At first, the differences with the game already known to all do not seem too. However, to avoid that GoodCraft 2 receives criticism for his subject, developers have chosen to use good graphics that are not translated in the disappearance of this world full of points that reminds us to the titles of the 1980s, they aim to give a few scenarios in which textures and elements have a higher resolution that allows you to see all the details. On the other hand, is important the mode of play in time real to which are added others as the of survival.


GoodCraft 2 not required of disbursements early at the time of download it. Updated makes something more than one week, still not has got overcome the half million of users while not occupy too much space and is compatible with tablets and smartphones whose version of Android is top to the 4.1. Has been object of critical by aspects as closures, unexpected to the open the game, freezing of the screen during the games or slowdown.

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Think that GoodCraft 2 could solve them errors of his predecessor and get a greater success or however, think that Minecraft will continue to being leader in this genre and that them options that appear will be little more than copies? Have available more information on games similar as The Sandbox so you can say you same.

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