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MediaTek helium X 30, 10 cores and 10 nm for stand up to Qualcomm

Between presentations of new devices not can forget that are very near know the response of MediaTek to the latest processors of Qualcomm and Samsung. Precisely today from PhoneArena website echo the statements of the head of MediaTek, Zhu Shangzu, operations which allow us to know some of the potential features of the MediaTek helium X 30.

With MediaTek helium X 25 probably starring in the interior of the new Xiaomi Redmi Pro, which we will know tomorrow, already is turn to talk about evolution processors from the company, whose greatest exponent will come in the form of MediaTek helium X 30. And it is that although there are still no official date of presentation, thanks to the words of the high office of the brand we can know what to expect from the future chip.

For starters, Shangzu says that the new processor MediaTek helium X 30 will be manufactured under 10 nanometer process and prescindir√° of the usual Mali graphics processor. In this way the company gets at the height of the latest chips from Samsung and Qualcomm Snapdragon 830, CPU that would be manufactured under the same process.

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Features of MediaTek helium X 30

There are several characteristics that seem to give shape to this new chip company. Thanks to the half PhoneArena also know that, similar to its more direct predecessor, the Helixo X 25, this MediaTek helium X 30 will continue to being formed by ten cores, divided in two nuclei Cortex-A73 running to 2.8 GHz in company of two groups of four nuclei (Cortex-A53 / Cortex-A35) running to a speed of clock of 2 / 2.2 GHz. In regards to the RAM memory, refers to the CPU would admit up to 8 GB of RAM LPDDR4.

Another of the main novelties of the component sold of the hand of the GPU. So far MediaTek always made use of the Mali graphics processor, but on this occasion, with the aim of offering more performance while this impact on the battery life, the company bet by a PowerVR GPU to accompany the MediaTek helium X 30. This chart could withstand dual cameras and platforms of virtual reality, two of the characteristics of fashion in the 2016.

The director of operations of the manufacturer also mentions that the new helium system chip 30 X would have a modem capable of supporting LTE category 13.

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MediaTek helium article X 30, 10 cores and 10 nm for planting face Qualcomm was published in MovilZona.

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