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MediaPad M3 vs iPad mini 4: comparative

Also this tomorrow have assisted to the presentation of another interesting tablet, although this case is is of a compact and arrives with the seal of Huawei: in a field (the of them 8 inch), where predominate them tablets of range basic and range half, it new MediaPad M3 is has become immediately in one of them models more interesting that are going to to find and you touches face is in our comparative for try its potential Therefore, one of the largest reference, which is not but the iPad mini 4. Which of the two makes more merits to fight by the Crown? Examine the specifications technical of both and you leave that it decide you.


In the paragraph of design us found with two devices that not is out too of what are them lines aesthetic own of their respective manufacturers, and with points strong quite similar: them two us leave them finished premium own of them covers metal and the two have with a button home physical that integrates the reader of traces digital.


With regards to size, the iPad mini 4 is somewhat more compact, but think that your screen is also something smaller (21.55 12,45 x cm front 20.32 x 13,48 cm), what little justifies also differs from weight found between both (310 grams to 299 grams). Where do conocederle victory undoubtedly to the Apple tablet is in the section of thickness, in any case (7.3 mm compared with 6.1 mm).

Huawei MediaPad M3 tablet


We just say that the MediaPad M3 screen is somewhat larger (8.4 inch front 7.9 inch), but it is not the only difference that must be taken into account, since it also has a higher resolution (2560 x 1600 with 2048 x 1536), so much that even despite its size has the highest density of pixels (359 PPI compared 324 PPI). Another important detail that should be mentioned is that they use different formats: Huawei tablet is 16:10 (optimized for video playback), and Apple is 4:3 (optimized for reading).


The new Huawei tablet may be small, but doesn’t lack in power, as it assembles a Kirin 950 (the same Huawei Mate 8, with eight-core processor and a maximum of 2.3 GHzfrequency) and accompanied him no less than 4 GB of RAM. The iPad mini 4 figures are quite lower (processor A8 Dual cores and 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of RAM), although we must bear in mind that the difference probably will be less than that expected due to the advantage which is software made to measure.

Capacity of storage

Another point in favor of the Huawei tablet is in the section on storage capacity: the MediaPad M3 not only comes with double the internal memory (32 GB versus 16 GB), but it has, in addition, micro-SDcard slot, which gives us the possibility of extending it externally.

iPad mini blanco


The section on cameras is not the brightest in any of these two tablets, but is probably the least important of all when it comes to this type of device. If any of you have special need a good camera on your tablet, in any case, it is not over emphasize that although they are tied in what makes the main camera (8MP on both), in the front Chamber advantage is very clear for the MediaPad M3 (8 MP front 1.2 MP).


As always remember, consumption is an essential part in the equation of self-determination and we will have to wait to see real evidence of use to see which one comes out victorious, but for now we can say that they are based on very similar figures (5100 mAh face 5124 mAh) battery capacity.


Another factor that plays in favor of the MediaPad M3 is the price, as has been announced for a price lower than the iPad mini 4: the first will be sold starting from 349 euros, while making us the second costs us as at least 389 euros.

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