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MediaPad M3: Hands-On and taking of contact in video with the new tablet from Huawei

The lovers of the tablets Android are of congratulations, to the end a device powerful capable and not too expensive has seen the light in this 2016. Is is of the Huawei MediaPad M3, with size of 8.4 inches and processor Kirin 950, equipped to offer the best performance in field multimedia. Although the product has been presented today, some media already have last time with this tablet and have started publishing videos of the device in action. Let’s take a look.

Several American media already had a unit of the New MediaPad M3 until the terminal arose this morning and have been testing it in the past few days to publish the content as soon as Huawei gave for presented its tablet. Until you arrive to our hands, we can go to quenching our desire to have our colleagues on the other side of the pond.

MediaPad M3: first shots of contact

Here I bring you a couple of videos that we have selected with the new MediaPad M3. They are basic but serve to appreciate the important details of the team. In first of them points, as holder of a mobile designed by Huawei (although for Google) is that the lines are perfectly recognizable within identity of marks of the signature. The side of the camera is very similar to P9, the Nexus 6 p or even the newly presented Nova.

Another detail that calls powerfully the attention is that them two experts that appear in them videos with capable of seizing the device with a single hand, and speak of it tremendous lightness of the same. For a tablet of this profile, is a trait elementary.

Moreover, highlights one of the most visible characteristics of this M3 MediaPad: its sensor of smell. In this sense, development seems very similar to which it tested in the 10 M2: a small area under the screen, with gesture control. Keep the finger on the sensor is as pressing home. Sliding it to the right open multitasking and in doing so left to go back.

Huawei Tablet MediaPad M3 audio

Those who can still not see (and hope to do so soon)

The qualities star of this device, without place to doubt, are those referred to the consumption multimedia. A combination of harman kardon with AKG and it technology Super Wide Sound 3.0 of Huawei, attached to a screen of resolution Quad HD, are elements called to reach a jump qualitative in relation to all what had seen up to now. On the other hand, for those hardcore gamers, the made of that is has opted by a Kirin 950, added to all it mentioned previously, must be reason of enormous satisfaction.

The Huawei MediaPad M3, with Kirin 950, already is official: all the information

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