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Matter of chemistry. Thus can exploit the batteries of our tablets

Yesterday I showed a list of terminals that have been withdrawn in the past by technical failures, or for breach of expectations that their manufacturers deposited in them. In consumer electronics, mistakes are something that although not affect significant numbers of devices, happen quite frequently. The mass production of millions of models does not prevent some of them come with defects that sometimes require decisive action by its creators, not only to ensure the safety of users, but also to ensure the survival of the companies themselves after the emergence of a few setbacks that may call into question the credibility of the same.

With the explosion of drums that have recently taken place in some models of Samsung, and that however, are not the first nor last show this problem arose in multitude of doubts about the risks and causes of these errors. All companies have had incidents related to this component and in the majority of cases, the chemistry is the cause and also the solution. Why is the leak cause? What processes are in the interior of tablets and smartphones so that they occur? Now you have more about them and also give you a few small tips to prevent them.

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Before starting, how works a battery?

Makes ones months did a brief review on them different batteries that can find in our devices and the materials used for its manufacture. In all, power generation is very similar but in this case, we will focus on lithium to be the most widespread: imagine a box, at one end, there is an element called cathode filled with small positive electrical charges and in the opposite, another called anode containing other negative. Among them, found a mass of this element that is directed towards the cathode to absorb power and then, is moved to the anode.

Why is produce the explosions?

The lithium can get to be unstable and react to a large number of elements. This generates the need for the batteries of our tablets and smartphones, several stripes separated to prevent mixing of the electrical charges of the anode and cathode. When these “walls” do not exist or have been manufactured in a defective manner, different electric charges collide, causing overloads and ultimately, explosion or even fire.

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The role of the system operating

In addition to the failure of manufacturing of the own component, the rest of the device also can cause problems of battery. Them own software possess a series of functions that is responsible of control the flow of current electric that is transferred to the terminal and the time necessary to perform a load complete. In the case of imitations, misconfiguration can lead to problems of this type. We can find an example in China, where explosions of devices which have lead to the death of their owners have taken place. During the manufacture of models, they can be filtered elements such as dust, moisture or small pieces of metal that also increase the risk.

The role of the users

While current smartphones and tablets are more resilient to that which we found few years ago, must not forget that they are not evergreen. The bumps, scratches and the subjection to extreme weather conditions, quickly shorten its useful life. If remember, before you talked of the existence of different cells chemical compound by a mix of sales within them batteries that is charge of not mix them cathodes and them anodes. With them hits and others impacts of way frequent, the separation between them is eliminated.

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Isolated incidents

While Samsung has staged news portals and news from around the world for problems with Galaxy Note 7, the reality is very different, since it is believed that of every million tablets or smartphones that are produced, less than a thousand ends up being victim of explosions. In addition, there is a kind of unwritten rule that says higher is the terminal or his family, less risk there is of that cause such problems since they undergo more rigorous controls of quality. On the other hand, we find the tests made by regulators in regions as Europe, which are also responsible for reporting these bugs early way, therefore, would be an exaggeration think that most users are at risk by the fire of their terminals.

After learning more about the causes that are behind one of the most important accidents that can occur to tablets and smartphones, do you think that they should be more harden tests that must pass before reaching the market? Do you think that these setbacks are something specific? You have available more information as for example, the tests that should be a device before going on sale so you can learn more about all the requirements a model until you reach us.

The question of chemistry article. Thus can exploit the batteries of our tablets are published in TabletZona.

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