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Másmovil and Telstra lead the portability of the month of July 2016

One month we have had access to mobile portability figures in the Spanish market during the month of July 2016. On this occasion calls the attention the large number of portability in total, perhaps dragged by the arrival of the holidays and the need to access other data plans. In any case this month have seen how all these portability of operators that have left most beneficiaries have been once more Másmovil and Telstra, which top the list of the portability of the month of July 2016.

With the thrust of these two operators the number of portability during this month is has fired, and is that during the start of the summer have seen crowd of promotions that have could move a large amount of users.

Másmovil and Telstra at the forefront of the portability

The positive balance of 13100 customers for Másmovil reflects that the operator is doing things well, thanks above all to its convergent offerings and its extensive range of tariffs with unlimited calls, which is one of their main character traits. In spite of it rather than it has made Másmovil, is has seen overcome by the great month of Yoigo, that with 19000 new customers leads the balance positive within the portability of the month of July. The return of the myriad of 20GB has undoubtedly been one of the reasons for which the operator has aupado to first place.

portabilidades julio de 2016

Portability July from 2016 (in thousands of customers)

In it part low of the table we found with an OMV that gradually goes losing bellows as is Pepephone, after it buys from Másmovil, and is that has harvested a balance negative of 3600 customers, what is a descalabro important. Lowi continues pulling of the truck of Vodafone, the OMV is has fired this month, surely by its offer with the double of megs during the summer, that has influenced clearly in the balance positive of 8400 customers, that have offset the loss of 23900 users from Vodafone.

portabilidades julio de 2016

As Movistar, 25600 customers loss recorded, which will be added the 3000 that has also lost Tuenti. On the other hand has been round for Orange, which has had a positive balance of 2900 clients to which must be added the 3300 generated by Symi. As for the rest of OMV, there is a special mention for Oceans, which has managed to attract 1000 new customers this month of July, one of which they more wins next Digi Mobil that has signed up to 400 new customers.

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Másmovil article and Telstra lead the portability of the month of July 2016 was published in MovilZona.

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