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Marathon M5 lite

Gionee Marathon M5 sheet lite a phone with Android operating system, specifically uses the Lollipop (5.1) version. Finished in metal with type unibody chassis, this model is compatible with 4G networks, and therefore, it is possible to use the maximum speed when it comes to surf and play in mobility.

This is a model that although or is can compare with the best of the market, it offers some features that are notable. An example is his 4,000 mAh battery, which does not have a thickness above the 9 mm as shown in the Datasheet of the Gionee Marathon M5 lite. It has technology OTG Reverse, so it is able to charge other devices compatible with microUSB. A differential option.

Cameras that are starting in the terminal are sufficient, since the main one is 8 Megapixels, with opening 2 F:2. and can record at 1080 p. The front for the selfies is 5 MPX, so it is not at odds at first. All collected photos are stored on the 32 GB internal, but if necessary it is possible to expand this with up to 128 “gigas” microSD cards, such amount and HOWTOs and sees the datasheet of the Gionee Marathon M5 lite.

More details of Gionee Marathon M5 datasheet lite

The processor included in the phone is a MediaTek MT6735, which has four cores working at 1.3 GHz.Cierto which isn’t a “octa core”, but to use Cortex-A53 this architecture is partly masked. The GPU is a Mali-T720 correct with the game, and the RAM amounts to them 3 GB, more than enough for “move” Android with ease. No FM radio missing as shown in Datasheet of Gionee Marathon M5 lite, by the way.

Finally, comment that the screen of this model is type IPS and with dimensions of 5-inch resolution stays in 720 p, so it does not exceed the 300 dpi of density, such and HOWTOs and appreciated in the datasheet of the Gionee Marathon M5 lite. A model generally own the middle range, but with some details that contribute to highlight.

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