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Lowi 4G arrives at all rates and Announces “surprises”

Until recently, Lowi 4G connectivity only was for those who had a rate with more than 2GB to navigate. It is over because from next Thursday, all rates in the OMV will sail at full speed.

Lowi, remember that although it is an MVNO is not independent, is one brand of the Vodafone Group, had with 4 G coverage for its fares with 2 GB of data but from December 1 this is going to change. How announce us your Web site, all rates of the virtual mobile operator which, on the other hand, is getting some of the best results with your particular proposed, will rise to 4G speed if they are in an area in which it is available.

4g in Lowi for all rates but at what speed?

Ojo, we talk about LTE Cat.4, i.e., up to 150 Mbps so you communicate on the company blog that also tells us that “very soon there will be a surprise of which raised smiles”. It certain is that this company is usually noted by their curious promotions as which allow accumulate megs of a month for another without limit, by what can wait us any thing.

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Lowi announces more surprises are which can be?

Between the bet would be a new rate that you can spend more megs or, perhaps, climb on the bandwagon of Roaming zero with his older sister, Vodafone, in the United States. United States and the European Union–which would be a real hit.

Of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals operators in Spain

At the moment, the campaign for the Black Friday of the OMV in which you could add a giga fares of between 1 and 5 GB extra bonus of calls to 0 is still existing euros, 120 minutes or unlimited. The maximum that is paid at Lowi by its most complete offer is 38 euros per month, now with 4 G in any of its rates.

As Lowi, many operators have expanded their offerings of Black Friday which also pick up not only Cyber Monday, they will reach until the end of the month to try to take some other customer more always disputed war of portability.

The article it 4 G of Lowi comes to all the rates and Announces “surprises” is published in MovilZona.

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