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Looty Dungeon: Overcomes obstacles in dungeons filled with pixels

The medieval sells, and developers and users are aware of this. As we have stated on other occasions, most downloaded games in the catalogues of applications, use this theme to be loosely among a public that has greater capacity to decide than ever and which also boasts a range of titles that until recently was unthinkable. On the other hand, the works available for the portable formats are a constant evolution graphic effects, both in sound and visual ambience that places them as alternatives to consider

In this context of rapid and constant releases, we find unexpected twists that seek to give a new vision to a genre that starts many seem monotonous. One of these tipping comes from the hand of Looty Dungeon, of which then you have more details and that aims to convert the middle ages in a sea of pixels full of color but also, of action and adventure.


In this case, we put in the skin of a Knight that appears in a Dungeon in a place unknown. However, not are alone since around there are creatures of all type to which will have to defeat. Our mission will be to defeat all the enemies and move up a level after level while we are defeating bosses and dodging traps and obstacles of all kinds.


Here us found with two elements important that can influence in the development of the split and generate admirers and detractors to parts equal: on the one hand, a atmosphere retro and pixelated in which runs the adventure. On the other hand, the possibility of choosing between different 50 characters that possess skills and own items and also have some special powers to use promptly. The game developers ensure that the scenarios are nearly infinite. However, can count with the help of other users and of magicians and guardians.


Looty Dungeon does not charge as usual. However, it requires of shopping integrated that can reach them 2.89 euros by element. A figure low if have in features that others similar can have products that exceed the 100 euros. Released on Google Play a few days ago, still has failed to reach the 5,000 downloads and it has also been well appraised by offering a change to a genre in which all the works have plot lines and handling very similar.

WP-Appbox: Looty Dungeon (free+, Google Play) →

Do you think that this title will get better results in the future? While the time is in charge of revealing this unknown, have available more information on others similar as Soda Dungeon so can know more options.

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