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Live bet by the camera and the memory in your new phablet

The Chinese live has scaled positions in matter of few years. It has gone from becoming a company with presence only in the local market, which is the largest in the world, to make the leap outside its borders with a tactic well known to all and based on the creation of smartphones more balanced both in features and price. For now it seems that you are doing well since currently, is among 10 brands with greater presence globally a fact however we must take with caution and with the nuance that Chinese technological depart with advantage if we consider that in their country of origin, have a mass of consumers formed by a rising middle class of more than 700 million people.

Next Oppo, it has been one of the firms during 2016 has launched the creation of models that try to conquer a few users increasingly demanding and with hundreds of options at your fingertips through models such as the Y67, presented just a few hours ago. However, not it will have easy, since currently, it range half is the field of tests of dozens of manufacturers and is one of the segments where are attending to a greater offer that for some, is symptom of saturation. Are to a terminal that can comply with the expectations that their creators have deposited in it?

x7 plus carcasa


A phablet which aspire to the Summit because of having more elaborate possible finishes. The metal has settled permanently in most of terminals, regardless of their category and the Y67 is equipped with a more rigid covers and thickness does not reach the 8 mm. To this, we must add a reader of traces, already habitual. Of time, will be available in two tones: Golden and pink.


Here we find benefits which concealed lights and shadows in equal parts. First, we find an 5.5 inch panel however, it has a tight HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. However, and as claim from portals like Android helps, this can have its side positive in the autonomy of the terminal. However, the advance it found in them cameras, since would be facing a sensor rear of 13 Mpx and, curiously, one front of greater capacity that would reach them 16 and that would be focused to them selfies, one of the main claims of it new of alive.

vivo y67 pantalla


An once more, we find with oscillations important between the processor and the memory of the device. He chip has been responsible to MediaTek, that has gifted to the Y67 of its model 6750, that already have seen in others phablets of range half and especially in them of entry and that reaches peaks of 1.5 Ghz, fair to hold them lenses and a RAM of 4 GB. In terms of storage capacity, part with 32 initial GB that however, can be extended up to 128 by the introduction of MicroSD card.

Operating system

Waiting in the coming months, a larger number of manufacturers begin to receive support to upgrade to Nougat, the truth is that we are already finding different brands that are adapting Marshmallow marches forced with the question of whether in the future, they equipped their devices with the last member of the Android family. In the case of Y67, we would see the 6.0 version of the Green robot software. At the same time, in terms of connectivity are typical: networks 3 G, 4 G, WiFi and Bluetooth. You will be provided with a normal 3000 mAh battery capacity which, as mentioned before, is appropriate if we bear in mind that terminal does not reach resolutions of vertigo and that can offer a good autonomy if we consider other functions as Doze.

marshmallow fondo

Availability and price

The new phablet of living has been announced almost by surprise. This company is characterized by not making great presentations unlike others of its larger rivals. Of time only will be available in Chinese although would be logical that give the jump to others markets coinciding with the proximity of the campaign Christmas to a cost that according to GizChina, would be around them 240 euros to the change.

As you have seen, without notice continue attending the launch of new terminals from China seeking to have success both among the public, and between the different actors who invest large sums of money in a sector as we have mentioned before, characterized by a situation of constant change. After learning more about the next thing we will see from Asian lands, do you think that with Y67, live has the way paved to continue placing as one of the manufacturers which manages to sell more terminals around the world? Do you think that it is possible to find more complete models in every way? You have available more information on other similar phablets so that you can say to yourselves.

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