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Listen to free music on your Android with Musiqo smartphone

There are multitude of applications for listen and download music of shape free from your smartphone Android. On the other hand, most are outside Google Play. On the other hand, Musiqo can download and install it from the store of Google’s applications without limitations. It offers the possibility of playing more current songs, without advertising or limitations.

Music streaming like Spotify and Apple Music services are placed as one of the main options when it comes to playing your favorite songs on your mobile. Instead, these alternatives allow you to enjoy your service to 100% for a monthly fee and their free versions have limitations, sometimes annoying. We then offer as alternative Musiqo.

Free music on your smartphone

While pricing plans of music streaming services do more than appealing their recruitment (Spotify has family plan by 15 euros per month for six people), alongside other methods coexist. In this respect we can meet many applications that pledges free music download from your smartphone. The truth is that there are, but the vast majority remain outside Google Play by legal problems. Apparently, this is not the case of Musiqo, an app that we have found in the official app store for Android and includes a number of features that make it special and really interesting for those seeking to skip the following limitations.Música gratis en tu smartphone con Musiqo

Playing in the background and with the off screen

And it is that Musiqo has its specific features and they are playing music not only in the background, but even with the screen turned off through the speakers of the smartphone.

As for other benefits, Musiqo list on your main screen the most talked-about topics of the moment that we can play streaming along with a search engine that is really effective. While the management of the tracks not is your point strong, the app us allows create lists of reproduction custom.

The Musiqo application can be downloaded free from Google Play, although its interface is integrated advertising. In their own Google Play has more than 2,300 positive scores and downloads of the app sensor located on the step between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads.

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