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List of mobile Meizu receiving Flyme 6 with Android 7

These last weeks we are releasing a lot news related with them different updates to the new Android 7.0 Nougat that have since launched different manufacturers. One of the more prominent that was by know was the update of them terminals of Meizu, that will receive soon a new version of the software. This will be the new Flyme 6 with Android 7, of which today have known your possible date of release and the list of mobile of the brand that will be compatible with she. Flyme 6 is the next version of the layer of software of Meizu, that as was of waiting will be based in Android 7 Nougat. As always, one of the biggest unknowns of an update of this type is to know what will be the mobile compatible with the new version, which will be accompanied by the new terminal of the firm.

Listing of Meizu receiving Flyme 6 with Android 7

At the moment we are talking about a leak, so it is not official information, but as we all know this kind of leakage often Err little shot, so it is difficult to see at first terminals with new Flyme 6 with Android 7 are not in this list, in which we can see both those who receive it as those who do not. These are them that Yes they will receive the update.

  • Meizu U20
  • Meizu Pro 6
  • Meizu Pro 6s
  • Meizu M3 Max
  • Meizu M3 note
  • Meizu M3e
  • Meizu MX6
  • Meizu PRO 5 mini
  • Meizu PRO 5

And this is the list of those mobile Meizu that not receive the update of Flyme 6 with Android 7.

  • Meizu M1
  • Meizu M1 metal
  • Meizu M1 note
  • Meizu M2
  • Meizu M2 note
  • Meizu M3
  • Meizu M3s
  • Meizu M5
  • MX
  • MX 4 – core
  • MX2
  • MX3
  • MX4
  • MX4 Pro
  • MX5
  • MX5e
  • U10

Estimated date of update

Together with the information of terminals that will receive new Flyme 6, we have an estimated date of arrival of this update to these mobile. While many manufacturers will launch the update for Christmas, as one of its main rivals, UMI, Meizu will opt to launch the new software during the first quarter of 2017.

Meizu Pro 6s

That could lead us even until next spring, so it is expected that this new software release with some of the new flagships to then go to older models. In any case in these listings there could be some changes, since we are quite surprised that lI Meizu M3, launched last may, will not receive the new update.

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