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LINE is updated with new options that differ from WhatsApp

The messaging application LINE is one of the large rival of WhatsApp, what is must to has a good share of users that it used of form usual. The fact is that this development has received an update where the videos are the protagonists and, as you will see, for different reasons.

The case is that the application comes to the version 6.6.0 and, with it, is give steps interesting to advance and be different to others developments of its same segment. An example of what we say is that now in LINE it is possible set animations as profile image, allowing you to increase the attractiveness. For this, is includes a new application associated with so-called Egg that allows do selfies and record videos with effects for then give them the use commented.

Aplicaicón asociada Egg de LINE

In addition, the process to establish the video or animation is of it more simple, since simply there are that use the option Record a video that are in the profile’s settings section. Made this, is starts with the process of form natural and is carried out all the operations necessary.

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More news on LINE

Here not just the news of this development. An example of possibilities by now integrated in the application is to be able to upload videos up to five minutes regardless of the size that have these. In addition, the timeline of LINE has been redesigned and is now easier to review and, also, the use of the GIFs is heading in an optimized way and therefore the use of the chat becomes more attractive.

LINE llamadas de voz

To the end have made it an option that has been curious: it is now possible to make calls for free Internet with LINE… but always that formerly displayed a video of advertising. In this way, seeks to monetize the service with a feature that, to date, is not very common in applications to compete in the market. The service is named Out Free and, Yes, at the moment the regions that can give you use are not very many but this will change with the passage of time.

Now you can share GIF animated on WhatsApp

If the LINE update has not reached you, on this page you can always get the latest version available one of the top competitors of WhatsApp.

The LINE item is updated with new options that differ from WhatsApp was published in MovilZona.

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