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Lifesum: is possible to change the style of life with an app?

From sports apps that help to have a healthier life, at first glance, until those indicated to groups such as diabetics or patients with other chronic conditions, today it is possible to find many tools that not only intended to improve the habits of millions of people, but that they also seek to include even more tablets and smartphones in more areas of this more personal area.

The applications of style of life continue gaining followers since to first view, offer not only a management simple and a greater control of them routines, but also allow manage them of way much more fast through them screens of them terminals. Today we present Lifesum, one of these platforms that are looking for their place among the public through tips and patterns of all kinds.


Indicated for people that are following a diet or also, for athletes that wish to obtain a greater control on their workouts, Lifesum allows carry a tracking more strict of the power of them users. Through the creation of a profile, it is possible to later save a list with everything what you eat throughout the day. On the other hand, offers nutritional information about products.

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The application offers several programs ranging from one to more natural foods possible, take another geared toward athletes. In the latter, there is also the option to enter workouts on a daily basis by introducing made activities and the duration thereof. Through these parameters, Lifesum performs a calculation on what should be taken and in what quantities.


This tool has no initial cost, what has served him for approaching the 10 million downloads. While it has been well received overall aspects as easy handling, or the variety of modalities available, has also received reviews by other points as its integrated shopping, that they can reach 59 euros per item and that in some cases, they may be needed to enjoy all the platform options. Another of those aspects pending of improves according to the public, is the synchronization with other platforms similar or with wearables.

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You think that Lifesum may be useful for those wishing to live a healthier life or however, you think that the fact of change of habits should lie on every person and not on applications like this? Have available more information on other tools similar as Sworkit so can say you same on the utility of the same and know others options.

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