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LG X 5 and X Skin are already official, all the features

Leaving aside the welcome and the questionable success of the G5 LG, the Korean company has been particularly active introducing new terminals, especially its new range X, such as the X Power, Mach X, X Style and X Max. Now is the time for other two new phones, the LG X 5 and the LG X Skin, two new phones range media that stand out for their thinness, especially in the case of the X Skin that does not reach the seven millimeters. We are going to see all the details of these releases.

These two new phones pass to swell the most affordable midrange of the Korean company, in fact the two terminals they arrive on the market for less than 200 euros. Then we are going to do a review of the tab technical of both phones,

LG X 5

This new phone from LG offers a large, 5.5 inches with HD resolutionscreen. The processor is quad-core at a speed of 1, 3 GHz and comes with 2 GB of RAM. The storage internal is of 16 GB expandable through Cards microSD.

lg x5 blanco

The camera is 13 megapixel while front mounted a 5 megapixel sensor. The autonomy depends of a battery of 2800mAh and is compatible with dual SIM. Its measurements are 151.6 x 76.9 mm with a thickness of 7.2 mm with a weight of 133 grams. Comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is available in colors white and black, with a price of 155 euros.

LG X Skin

This other model, the LG X Skin is more modest in performance, but is more thin. Part of a 5-inch HD screen, while the processor is quad core running at the same clock speed of 1, 3 GHz. The memory RAM is 1, 5 GB and the internal storage of 16 GB expandable up to 32 GB via microSD cards. The camera of photos is from 8 megapixel back and of 5 megapixel front.

LG X Skin dorado

The battery is only 2100mAh and supports dual SIM. Its measures are 144.8 x 71.4 mm, with only 6.9 mm thick while your weight is 122 grams. Is available in color titanium and gold, and its price is of 180 euros.

gama LG X

Of time not has transcended if any of these two models will be available out of Korea, but certainly and especially in the case of the LG X 5 is is of a terminal with a price more than attractive and some features perfect for the day to day.

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