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LG V20 will be first with Android 7.0, which is not a Nexus

Once Android 7.0 is a reality and that is possible install it in them terminals mobile of the range Nexus of Google, start to get information of them devices that will be compatible and, in the event us is, of the first that will come to the market with Nougat, that is the name that finally is it has given to the iteration of the system operating of Mountain View. And, this, will be the LG V20.

Had said at one time that the LG V20 would be a model with 7.0 Android , but coinciding with the official announcement of the deployment of the new firmware, Google has confirmed this point indicating that this terminal will be the first to get in the market that, outside its own range of hardware, will include the new version of the operating system out of the box (not through updating). In this way, there is no doubt that will happen.

Download and install Android 7.0 in the terminals compatible Nexus from Google

The truth is that it seems that Asian company is putting meats on the grill so that LG V20 is a success in the market and attractive when competing with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (tricky since this phablet is really outstanding and powerful). But, the case, is that the quickly in adapting Nougat is a factor that can be interesting for many apart from, as is expected, that offer a hardware quite powerful where the sound will be an of them star.


Interface customized at the LG V20

As itself, all points to Android 7.0 not will come as in them Nexus, something that already is usual since the customization of the system operating is of it split in them models of the company from the beginning. That Yes, all points to will be the same or very similar to it of the LG G5 -unless the image so it indicates-, by what speak of a bloatware more controlled and a consumption of resources less that in versions previous of the development of the own manufacturer.

Presentación del LG V20

It filters the tab technical of the LG V20 that will come with Android 7.0 Nougat

Therefore, the LG V20, that will be official the next day September 6 and all points to will be a device that will come with options modular, governed by a processor Snapdragon 820 and that seeks to offer the best experience multimedia view until the date. See if this meets, because the manufacturer need give a good “volantazo” in the market Android, would it get?

The article he LG V20 will be the first with Android 7.0 that not is a Nexus is published at MovilZona.

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