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LG G Pad III vs Galaxy Tab to 10.1 (2016): comparative

As we mentioned yesterday when reviewing the innovations that had been introduced with respect to its predecessor, we do not know very well what will be the conditions of the international launch of the new LG G Pad III, but in any case we can miss the chance to face a comparison with some of its main rivals, and at least with the most direct competitor that would have in the catalog of Samsung , their compatriots and more hard rivals: the Galaxy Tab to 10.1 (2016). What of them two companies Korean us has left this year the best tablet of range mean? We are going to see it by measuring the technical specifications of both.


By what regard to the design us found with two tablets stylized, with good finished despite not count with materials premium and stylized, but there is a difference important between them that there are that have in has and is that, while it LG G Pad III has adopted the more usual combination of the relationship of aspect 16:10 and the orientation to the use in mode landscape Samsung has bet with its Galaxy Tab to combine the same kind of screen with the orientation to the use in position portrait, something more unusual but which has the fortunate effect of give us more grip space when we use it horizontally.


Regarding the dimensions, the only appreciable difference found is more in the proportions, product of the difference of design we just comment, in size are really rather close (25.62 x 16,79 cm against 25.41 x 15,43 cm) and the same thing happens with the thickness (7.9 mm to 8.2 mm) and weight (510 grams against 525 grams).

gpad III tablet


Already mentioned when discussing the design that the two used the (optimized for video playback) 16:10 aspect ratio, but this is not the only coincidence between the screens of the two tablets, since they also have the same size (10.1 inch), the same resolution (1920 x 1200) and the same density of pixels (224 PPI).


In the section on performance we also have very similar specs: LG tablet mounted a processor that seems to be from Qualcomm or maybe Mediatek and Samsung an Exynos, but their characteristics are quite similar (eight cores and frequency of the LG G Pad III and eight-core 1.5 GHz and 1.6 GHz for the Galaxy Tab Afrequency) and the two accompanying them with 2 GB of RAM.

Storage capacity

In terms of storage capacity, LG G Pad III it is targeted somewhat interesting, since it announced with 32 GB of internal memory, twice the Galaxy Tab A available in its standard version. The two have, in any case, micro-SDcard slot, which helps to mitigate the differences a little.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 oficial


In the section on cameras the distribution of points is essential, so that what we can interest more (where we have a particular interest in this issue, for starters) will depend on what are our priorities: the LG tablet gain in regards to the front camera (5 MP 2 MPfront), but the Samsung does in terms of the main Chamber (5 MP facing 8 MP).


You know that we cannot say really what device offers us a better autonomy until we have results of independent tests to compare, but what if we can anticipate you is that the Samsung tablet party with a rather clear (6000 mAh face 7300 mAh) battery capacity advantage.


Price is always an important issue when it’s mid-range tablets, but unfortunately we cannot say anything definite yet on this occasion: the Samsung tablet can be found with ease below 300 euros, while for the LG the only thing we have is its price for Korea (about 350 euros to change), but does not seem to be very indicative of what we can expect when it launches in other markets , so you have to wait for more data.

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