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Lenovo M bike will come with pre-installed applications from Microsoft

The new Moto M has given signs of life on several occasions. The last, in the laboratories of the Tena to be certified in the market Chinese. Specs of the model they have followed leaks that we have seen its design, so we could say that the next Lenovo smartphone will bring few surprises us. However, today there are information pointing to the mobile future motorcycle M will have new preinstalled Microsoft software.

It certain is that the information that begins to spread is by the network not is crazy. And it is that we have to remember that Lenovo works closely with Microsoft, a closeness that was in evidence with a recent cross-licensing agreement. In this way, the Chinese manufacturer could use some patents to change software giant include the own Microsoft applications on your electronic devices.

Office, OneDrive and Skype in the Moto M

Well, that agreement seems that it begins to bear fruit and massively since it has transpired that the next Moto M, the smartphone that predictably Lenovo will be coming soon, will be one of the first to include the most popular Microsoft applications. In this way, all client Lenovo you purchase in the future Moto M (and possibly following the company smartphones) will see serial applications such as Office, OneDrive and even Skype, although we can not rule out many others on your behalf. No doubt, a movement of great depth for the of Redmond, which with its recent movements shows his interest in expanding its software to the Android platform. A strategy intelligent to the end and after given the null impact of their own smartphones Microsoft Lumia.Lenovo Moto M en la TENAA

Motorcycle M, we know

As already have indicated, the Moto M passed makes some days by the Tena and us left after of itself part of your tab technical. Characteristics that came up would include a FullHD display 4.6 inches, 16 Megapixel camera, processor MediaTek MT6750, 4 GB of RAM and with capacity for 3,000 mAh battery. Also know that Android version would be a Marshmallow, which should also add you mentioned Microsoft software.

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The Moto Lenovo M item will come with pre-installed applications Microsoft was published in MovilZona.

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